Light, Flaky Gluten-Free Apple Pie Recipe

By Amanda Paa – Updated July 23, 2021
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You won’t believe how perfectly golden, flaky, and buttery this gluten-free pie crust is. Packed full of warm caramelized apples and spices, this apple pie recipe an irresistible dessert!

Growing up, every family gathering during the months of September to January included my grandmother’s apple pie. I would help her pick and peel the apples, she would bake. She made rolling out the crust look like a breeze.

And when it came out of the oven it was always perfectly browned, with flaky layers made possible from a heavy dose of butter. The top glistened with sugar and a little egg wash, a caramelized glaze stuck to the sides from the juices that escaped.

Gluten-Free Apple Pie | heartbeet kitchen

This gluten-free apple is now a favorite all year long, and perfect for the holidays served alongside Pecan Butternut Squash Pie and Gluten-Free Tart Cherry Pie!

What apples make the best apple pie?

The best apple pies are made from firm apples that won’t disintegrate from the long baking time, and have a balance of tart and sweet flavors.

For this recipe, I used SnowSweet apples from my favorite local orchard, but other good varieties are:

  • Northern Spy
  • Cortland
  • Granny Smith
  • Honeycrisp
  • Jonagold
Gluten-Free Apple Pie | heartbeet kitchen
Gluten-Free Apple Pie with Crispy Sage | heartbeet kitchen
Gluten-Free Apple Pie with crust made from Cup4Cup Flour

Pie crusts can be intimidating even though they’re made from just a few ingredients. Getting them to roll out evenly, not fall apart, turn out buttery & flaky – there’s a lot of components. Then throw gluten-free into the mix and it can seem even more difficult.

I’ve made gluten-free rhubarb hand pies, which certainly helped me get over some of my fears, but its not the same as making a whole pie. Armed with a little research and the gluten-free flour blend that never lets me down, Cup4Cup, I set out to conquer an all-butter crust complete with a lattice crust. I used their Whole Grain Blend, which gives it great color & texture, making for one gorgeously browned crust.

This gluten-free pie crust is flaky, tender, and flavorful. It stands up to the leisurely bake, while giving the highly stacked apples a tenderness, with jammy pockets of their own juices.

Gluten-Free Apple Pie | heartbeet kitchen
Gluten-Free Apple Pie | heartbeet kitchen

Tips For Making Great Gluten-Free Pie Crust:

1. More whole grains in this flour blend means more fiber. Fiber acts as an absorbent, so you’ll always need a little more liquid or fat when baking with it. For this pie crust, I used honey and a little more water than what you would typically use.

2. Leverage is key for rolling out the dough. Even though I’m quite tall, it helped immensely when I got on a stepping stool and was able to take control of the crust.

3. Gluten-free dough is stickier, so always line your counter with saran wrap, dust it with flour. Then put your dough on top of it, followed by another sprinkle of flour, followed by saran wrap. Then you’ll be able to roll it just like your grandmother did.

4. I know you’ve heard it before, but all crust ingredients should be ICE cold. This helps the butter stay firm so those fats can expand and create air bubbles when baked, which is where the flakiness comes from. Also, use the refrigerator and freezer to your advantage when working with the raw crust. When it’s cold, its much easier to work with.

5. Don’t mix your fruit (apples in this case) with sugar & cornstarch too far in advance of filling the crust. Since sugar pulls out the liquid in fruit, you will end up with too much water, resulting in a soggy crust.

Gluten Free Apple Pie with crispy sage | Heartbeet Kitchen

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Light, Flaky Gluten-Free Apple Pie

A homemade gluten-free apple pie with a buttery, flaky crust with tart and sweet apples inside. This gluten-free pie crust rolls out beautifully, and tastes just like regular pie crust.
5 from 4 votes
Prep Time :30 minutes
Cook Time :1 hour 5 minutes
Total Time :1 hour 35 minutes
Yield: 1 pie
Author: Amanda Paa



Apple Pie Filling

  • 2 3/4 pounds firm apples such as Honeycrisp Pink Lady or SnowSweet (about 6-7 medium), peeled and cored
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 1/2 cup + 2 tablespoons granulated sugar
  • 1 1/4 teaspoons cinnamon
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger
  • pinch of salt
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 2 teaspoons minced fresh sage, optional

Gluten-Free Pie Crust

  • 305 grams of Cup4Cup Wholesome Gluten-Free Flour 

  • 1 tablespoon honey

  • 1 teaspoon salt

  • 14 tablespoons

    (1 stick + 6 tablespoons) very cold unsalted butter, cut into cubes

  • 1/2 cup + 3 tablespoons ice cold water


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
  • Make pie crust: Add flour, honey and salt to food processor. Pulse a couple of times to blend. Then add cold butter and pulse until most of the butter is the size of peas. It’s okay if you see a few larger chunks.
  • Remove food processor base and stir water in by hand (I like to save on dishes so I don’t use another bowl, but you could). Dump the scraggly dough onto your counter and work in together with your hands to form a tight circle.
  • Flatten the circle, wrap in saran wrap and place in refrigerator for at least one hour, up to overnight. When chilled, divide the dough into two equal pieces. Line your counter with saran wrap, dust it with flour, then put your dough on top. Sprinkle top of crust with a little more dough, cover with large piece of saran and roll out into a large circle that will fit your pan. Remove saran and gently lift into pie pan. Use THESE amazing details to make your lattice top – thanks to The Kitchn for always being such a wonderful resource!
  • Put bottom crust into your pie plate and set in refrigerator.
  • Cut peeled apples into thin wedges and put into a large bowl. Stir in lemon juice. In a small bowl, combine sugar, cinnamon, ginger, cornstarch and minced sage. Add this mixture to the bowl of apples and stir to coat. Dump into pie plate with bottom crust. Top apples with the lattice strips that you have made, following instructions linked to above.
  • Bake pie on the bottom rack for 7 minutes, then move to the middle rack, placing pie on a metal baking sheet to catch spills. Reduce heat to 350 degrees and bake for additional 40 minutes or until juices are bubbling and crust is nicely browned. Then remove from oven and let rest for 1 hour on a wire rack. (About midway through baking, put a foil lining around the edges of the crust to ensure that it does not burn.) Remove at this point.
  • If you want the crispy sage for a pretty garnish, heat about ½ inch of oil in a small pan over medium high heat. Add fresh sage leaves and fry until crispy, about 3 minutes.


Pie will keep for 3 days at room temperature (do not refrigerate or will turn soggy) or you can freeze it.
How to Make a Pie Crust
How to Make a Pie Crust

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November 13, 2014


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  1. Emily

    5 stars
    Lol trying to make the pie. We’ll see. Right now not the prettiest but hopefully will taste good. It’s a good learning experience though.

  2. Judy

    I️ don’t have any way to measure grams. What is the amount in cups.??

    • amandapaa

      hi judy!
      it would be 2 cups + a scant 1/4 cup. so a little less than 1/4 cup.

  3. Mary

    Just popping in to say that I made this yesterday for our (Canadian) thanksgiving and it turned out amazing! I didn’t have access to that specific brand of flour but I used another 1 for 1 gf flour and it was perfect! Thanks for the tips :)

    • amandapaa

      so happy you enjoyed the pie! xo

  4. T Andrew

    Best Apple Pie Recipe ever. I ordered the flour and made this recipe with erythritol for added sweetness instead of honey, and it turned out fantastic. The crust that this flour makes if phenomenal, and I will be using this flour from now on. Thank you for such a great recipe. I made 2 of these pies for Thanksgiving, and one of the 12 year old boys could not get enough.

    • amandapaa

      oh my gosh, so happy you all loved the pie! i actually didn’t get a chance to make it this year, so maybe i’ll do so for christmas! xo

  5. Sam

    Can I use my favorite gf flour for this if it’s not cup4cup?

    • amandapaa

      I haven’t test this with other gf flours, so I’m not certain because depending on which gf flours are in your blend, they could react differently to the amount of liquid etc. This is because all gf flours are different in weight and scientific properties when baking. But you could certainly give it a try.

  6. Jenni

    I made this pie yesterday, but instead did a regular top and brushed it with egg wash. It was absolutely perfect! I got so many compliments! GF Baking never works out for me, thank you so much for this recipe!

    • amandapaa

      oh awesome! i’m so glad you liked it. i can’t wait until apple season here in minnesota to make it again!

  7. Lauren Gaskill | Making Life Sweet

    Everything about this pie is wonderful! I like the egg wash idea too, Katie! :)

    • Amanda Paa

      i’m craving it right now with a big dollop of vanilla bean ice cream :) thanks for stopping by Lauren!

  8. Katie Heath

    Brushing egg on top of the crust, then sprinkling with sugar!

    • Amanda Paa

      Oh that’s a great idea! It would make the crust glisten even more.

  9. Melissa

    I’ve always been lazy (and spoiled) with premade pie crusts, though harder to find now that I’ve gone gluten free. This pie looks amazing and I’ve been eyeing cup4cup flour for a bit. I’m sold!

  10. Jessica

    I don’t have any tricks, my crusts always come out too dry – but all these tips are great!

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Jessica! The one thing with gf pie dough is to make sure the butter stays in small chunks which will help it from drying out. And if you need to add a little more water, that’s totally okay. Thanks for stopping by!

  11. julie

    I dont have any tips! to be hones I never made one, I always buy prebought!!But I always wanted to try

  12. Tanya

    I’m so excited to try this recipe and brand of flour. Thanks for the tips and the giveaway!

  13. deliciouslynell

    Don’t be tempted to add too much water, and don’t forget to chill the dough!

  14. Paige c

    I’m not a big pie crust fan but my mom taught me to put foil on the edges for most of the baking so it doesn’t burn and remove at the end

    • Amanda Paa

      Paige – great tip! I actually did that with this pie and it worked wonderful. No burnt edges needed :)

  15. Kelly Adkins-Leach

    I love new recipes that are GF. I was just recently was diagnosed with Celiac Disease and being a chef has been a strange combo. I’m having to relearn baking concepts and your blog has helped with this.

  16. pascale

    LOVE this blog! Just wish it didn’t come through Feedburner- would love direct email!
    My dad has celiac disease, so I try very hard to make EVERYTHING with Cup4Cup (the best flour ever) and 95% of the time I am successful.

    However, I have NOT every been successful with pie dough- but I will study the tips carefully and attempt to make this beautiful pies.

    I will continue to follow this new discovery…!

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Pascale! Thank you so much for stopping by. So great that you use Cup4Cup already! Pie dough can be tricky but hopefully the tips in this post will help. Also, I do have an email subscription so you don’t have to use RSS. It’s located right underneath the Popular Recipes section on my sidebar. Just enter your email and confirm. Thank you!

  17. fran rouser

    I use Coconut Oil in place of butter and it makes the flakiest crust.

    • Amanda Paa

      Fran I will definitely have to give that a try!

  18. Angela Wagner

    One good tip for a great crust is to make sure all your ingredients are cold especially the butter and any liquid you may use like water.

    • Amanda Paa

      Yes, cold ingredients is key! Happy early thanksgiving Angela :)

  19. Ashley

    Truthfully, I am still trying to master the perfect pie crust! So I figure the filling better be delicious just in case… :)

    • Amanda Paa

      nothing wrong with that ashley! that’s why i piled these apples high :)

  20. Kara Merrill

    Amanda this pie looks perfect! I’ve been itching to try Cup-for-Cup. You have officially convinced me I must!

    • Amanda Paa

      Yes Kara! They’re so great to work with. Thanks for stopping by!

  21. Jodi Rose

    This looks amazing! I can’t wait to make this.

  22. Jan

    Chill the dough is the trick that works the best for me. Your pie looks so yummy!

  23. Julia | Orchard Street Kitchen

    What a beautiful pie, Amanda! I love the lattice top and the honey in the crust, and your cooking tips look so helpful. Crusts are definitely daunting and it’s nice to find a well-tested recipe like yours. Tis the season to be in the kitchen baking pies!

  24. Meg @ The Housewife in Training Files

    Honestly, I don’t really have any tips beside look to others, such as yourself, for tips! I am not a great baker rather just getting into it. I am more of pinch of this, pinch of that sorta gal but as gluten free eater, I am always looking for new ways to make my favorites! Thank you so much for these tips. I will definitely incorporate them into my baking.

    And this Cup 4 Cup flour blend. I have been eyeing it for far too long but need to give it a try!

    • Amanda Paa

      Meg, thanks so much for stopping by. No matter how much you bake, it’s still fun to experiment right? :) And this gluten-free flour seriously takes the guess work out of a lot of the elements. Have a great holiday! xo

  25. Dione

    It was wonderful to hear you on the weekly dish. I can’t wait to read more on your blog I’ve been gluten-free living in the Twin Cities for over seven years. It’s nice to see a fresh face or fresh fresh ideas gluten-free. Thank you!!

    • Amanda Paa

      Dione! I love connecting with fellow Twin Cities gals. Fun that you were able to catch on the Weekly Dish. Maybe see you around sometime! xo

  26. Julie @ Tastes of Lizzy T

    We add a little bit of vinegar in our recipe to make a flaky crust!

  27. Jessica @ A Kitchen Addiction

    What a gorgeous apple pie!

    • Amanda Paa

      thank you Jessica! happy baking :)

  28. Brittany

    My grandmother always told me to add a bit of white vinegar to make it tender.

    • Amanda Paa

      Brittany I’ve never heard of that trick. I will have to give a try!

  29. Sherry Libby

    Look forward to the opportunity to use any product that is gluten free. Can’t wait to try this apple pie.

  30. Heather

    I always cut the butter into tiny cubes, then pop those into the freezer for 5 to 10 minutes before cutting into the flour with a pastry cutter. Following a couple diagnoses of Celiac disease in our family, I’ve been experimenting with more GF recipes. Pie crust isn’t one I’ve yet attempted, and look forward to trying this + your tips. Thanks!

  31. Sherrie | With Food + Love

    Amanda!! This pie, it’s just so beautiful and perfect. I’ve been wanting to try this flour blend for a while now, yay – thanks for the giveaway! xo

    • Amanda Paa

      thank you Sherrie! i’m so impressed with this flour. love all the whole grains. and really nice that it doesn’t have dairy so that it can be an option for more people. happy fall! xo

  32. Sarah @ SnixyKitchen

    Amanda – this apple pie looks like it belongs in a magazine. The stack of apples held up perfectly under the lattice top and didn’t sink at all! I love hearing about your memory of picking and peeling the apples with your grandma too.

    I’m VERY excited about this new wholesome blend. I love the regular cup4cup, but I always use it sparingly because of the cornstarch. This new rice-based one sounds right up my alley! My tip for making a perfect pie crust? Don’t overwork the dough – make sure there are still pocket of butter to leave it just a bit flakey when it’s baked.

    Also, I need a slice of this. Who do I have to call?? ;)

  33. Sue

    I love trying new gluten free products! TY :)

  34. renee (will frolic for food)

    i wanna try this flour blend SO BAD!!!! that crust looks insanely perfect. i ruined a crust today by (accidentally) omitting starches and binders (laughing at myself about it now). SO. yeah.

  35. Yoojin

    my only tip for crust making (not very good at it…): don’t forget to flour the surface!

    • Amanda Paa

      You can do it Yoojin! And usually it still tastes good right? Excellent tip.

  36. jaime : the briny

    congratulations on an epic gluten-free pie victory. it’s beautiful! i’m sending you a fellow tall lady high five!

  37. Trista

    I’ve been looking for a better version of apple pie to make for thanksgiving. I’ll definitely be trying this recipe!

    • Amanda Paa

      thanks for stopping by Trista! happy thanksgiving and enjoy the pie :)

  38. Ksenia @ At the Immigrant's Table

    Thanks for the advice about GF dough being stickier than regular dough – it’s definitely true, and not knowing that can ruin a perfectly good pie! I tend to roll out my (regular) pie dough between two pieces of parchment. I also find that if using coconut oil instead of butter, cooling it too much is actually a problem! Thanks for the GF recipe, and the tips :)

    • Amanda Paa

      Ksenia, that’s so interesting about the coconut oil! I actually want to try one of those types of crust so I will keep that in mind. xo

  39. Joey

    This looks amazing! I will definitely by trying this!

  40. Kate

    A decent pie crust that’s gluten-free?? I’m all in!! :-) Beautiful pie, my friend.

    • Amanda Paa

      Thanks friend :) I’d share a piece with you any day!

  41. Vangie

    My grandmother made wonderful pies and she would be heartbroken if she knew I couldn’t eat them now. I am definitely making this gluten-free crust with some of her pie fillings. I so miss my grandma.

  42. Kelli

    We are just starting to bake gluten-free at our house. This pie looks FANTASTIC. Looking forward to trying the “Cup4Cup” flour. Thanks for the tips.

    • Amanda Paa

      Kelli, I was so impressed with this wholesome blend. I love how it has all the nutrient dense flours. And Cup4Cup makes gf baking quite easy so I’m confident you will be successful!