Founded in 2011, Heartbeet Kitchen is a celebration of the homemade gluten-free recipes and traditional sourdough baking that takes place in my Wisconsin kitchen.

It’s also my journal for documenting renovations of our 1908 home, natural living ideas, travel adventures, and our experiences fostering neonatal kittens.

My passion for sharing food stories and experiences is rooted in the enjoyment of cooking for all that it brings to our lives, whether that be a nourishing meal or a friendship. The recipes are tested and perfected before publishing, based around seasonal vegetables, whole grains, eggs, and dairy from happy animals. Many are vegetarian, and all but the sourdough recipes are gluten-free, with a specialty in baking absolutely delicious goods. I dove into the world of sourdough bread in 2017, and love teaching others how to bake naturally fermented bread at home. This rye sourdough is my most loved!

My Background

I grew up in a small German town, where we always ate dinner as a family, the dishes were washed by hand, and winter afternoons were spent making lefse. Food brought us together, just as it does in many other cultures, but it wasn’t until I was in my mid 20’s that I began to dig deeper into the stories behind what was on my plate.

As refuge from a stressful corporate job in the pharmaceutical industry, I found relaxation in the kitchen, along with newfound creativity in the food I was making, and the art of photography.
My weekend farmer’s market trips encouraged me to bring home new to me vegetables, and talk to the inspiring farmers whom do the hard work for our bodies and our plates.

These experiences brought me joy, making my heart beat faster, resulting in a calling to make it my career. That was when Heartbeet Kitchen began, and through the past decade, has become a source of over 400 recipes and a cookbook, Smitten with Squash, published in 2014.

My work as a freelance photographer and food stylist began to take shape in 2017, and I continue to help brands make their products and ingredients come to life in an artful way.

My Philosophy

the best meals are those made with fresh, simple ingredients, local if possible, and always what’s in season.

good meals become great meals when you know the story behind it.

our bodies deserve health, love, and happiness through food.

the hands that grow what lands on our plate are some of the most passionate you will ever know.

food is joy, and joy is food.

I’m forever grateful for the opportunities, connections, and creativity that this space has brought me.

And I continue broadening my horizons in the kitchen, discovering new ingredients and flavors, yet embracing the tried and true that will always be my favorites.

Thank you for being here.

xo, Amanda