Cheesy Vegetarian Tomato Confit Tartines

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Roasted Vegetable & Tomato Confit Tartines

October 15, 2017 in lifestyle · Main Dish · Nut-Free · Recipe Box · Summer · Travel · Vegetables · 6 Comments

I told you I had more to share about our trip to Canada, as I was doing some work for Travel Manitoba. And this post is just that, along with a recipe for these vegetable tartines. 🌿 Composed of homemade sourdough, tomato confit, roasted vegetables, and pepper jack. That I made with a stranger in rural Manitoba, in another stranger’s home. As foreign (and maybe a little scary) as that sounds, it’s a true testament to the fact that food brings all of us together.

The time we spent outside the city, among the country land and folk, was perhaps my favorite part of the visit. It’s where I felt a strong connection to the ground I was standing on, and the people I crossed paths with. Downtown Winnipeg moved us with its history and modern revitalization, but rural Manitoba is very special in its own right.