Dreamy Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

By Amanda Paa – Updated March 17, 2023
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Chewy, super soft sourdough cinnamon rolls topped with a heavenly cream cheese frosting. Recipe uses active sourdough starter, and requires only 20 minutes of hands-on time before benefiting from an overnight bulk fermentation. The recipe yields 8 rolls and the texture is extremely fluffy and pillowy; the crumb just shreds apart. Melt in your mouth good! Baking timeline included.
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Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls, frosted with cream cheese frosting in an aluminum baking pan

I’ve made dozens of these sourdough cinnamon rolls to get them just right for you – AND I’M NOT COMPLAINING. I mean, are cinnamon rolls ever bad??

These dreamy sourdough cinnamon rolls are light as a feather, extra fluffy, and very forgiving. Using your active sourdough starter, they benefit from an overnight bulk fermentation, which makes things easier for timing purposes. My Sourdough Caramel Rolls are made the same way.

And they aren’t cloyingly sweet! The slight tang from the decadent cream cheese frosting is the perfect contrast to the buttery rolls.

I’ve always been intimidated by making cinnamon rolls, but the fact of the matter is, perfectly imperfect is just as delicious – and pretty! So don’t be too hard on yourself. Don’t fret if you don’t get the tightest roll you want, or yours are a little more rectangular than circular. The dough is forgiving. And they will always taste INCREDIBLE.

spreading cream cheese frosting on a pan of cinnamon rolls
cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting on a blue plate

Ingredients in Sourdough Starter Cinnamon Rolls:

This sourdough cinnamon roll recipe has relatively straightforward ingredients, using all purpose and whole wheat flour, egg, butter, and milk – making it an enriched dough.

Most importantly, you’ll need active sourdough starter to mix your dough. An active sourdough starter is one that has been fed and is holding its peak. You do not want to use sourdough discard, or an unfed starter. Make these sourdough discard pancakes instead.

The secret to super soft sourdough cinnamon rolls:

It’s butter in the dough! Happy fats. And this piece takes a little planning. You’ll want your butter to room temperature, so that you can add it to the dough while it is being kneaded in your stand mixer. If it’s too warm, it will make the dough greasy. Too cold, it won’t blend into the dough.

a bag of whole wheat flour, all purpose flour, a stick of butter, one brown egg, sugar, and milk, and sourdough starter, laid out on a kitchen counter.
cinnamon roll dough being mixed in  a kitchenaid stand mixer, with butter on plate to its left

These Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls are incredibly soft, and when you pull the layers apart, they shred into feathery pieces. HEAVEN.

Chewy. Decadent.
Sweet, but not too sweet.
Everything a cinnamon roll should be.

Overnight Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls Technique:

What I love about this recipe is how efficient it is with the use of an overnight bulk fermentation. Enriched doughs take much longer to rise because of the additional ingredients in them, so letting them sit overnight works out perfectly. Plus, you’re not left starting at the dough every hour wondering why it isn’t rising faster and what have you done wrong? I say this because this was me a few times during testing.

Bakers Schedule:

  • Around 9 pm, you’ll mix your dough, and let bulk ferment on the counter, overnight.
  • The next morning (before 8am), check your dough and ensure it is puffy and has grown double.
  • Put dough onto a floured countertop, and rest for 10 minutes. Then roll out to large rectangle, roughly 17″x 12″.
  • Mix all the filling ingredients in a bowl then spread over the rectangle of dough keeping about a 1/2 inch away from all the edges.
  • Roll into a log and cut individual rolls. You will really want to have a bench scraper for rolling up the log, and cutting. It’s a game changer.
  • Place in aluminum baking pan.
  • Let rise 3ish hours in a warm spot on countertop, and bake.

Option 2: You could also do the bulk fermentation during the day, then roll out the cinnamon rolls and place into their aluminum pan. Let sit in warm spot for an hour, then refrigerate overnight for their final rise. To do this, you’d probably need to start the dough around NOON, since it takes 8-10 hours to bulk ferment. After the refrigerated overnight final rise, you should let dough warm up to room temp in a warm spot in the morning before making.

What sourdough cinnamon rolls look like at different stages:

cinnamon roll dough rising in an aluminum pan
cinnamon roll dough rising in an aluminum pan
Another view of rolls after final proof is complete.
baked and unfrosted cinnamon rolls
baked and unfrosted cinnamon rolls

Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting

Making this frosting is a breeze, just be sure the cream cheese is softened before whipping. Then you’ll simply add vanilla extract, powdered sugar, and salt.

What I love about this homemade cream cheese frosting is how well the tang compliments the cinnamon rolls. You can make it as sweet or as tangy as you’d like by tasting and adjusting the amount of powdered sugar you add. I find that a little over a 1/2 cup per 6 ounces of cream cheese is what I prefer.

sourdough cinnamon rolls in an aluminum pan with cinnamon and cream cheese frosting next to pan
sourdough cinnamon rolls in an aluminum pan with cinnamon and cream cheese frosting next to pan
a pan of sourdough cinnamon rolls slathered with cream cheese frosting

Storing Cinnamon Rolls

I like storing my baked and iced cinnamon rolls in a covered tin at room temperature for up to 24 hours.

After that, I put them in a sealed glass container and refrigerate. When I want one, I warm it up in the microwave for 25 seconds. They’re still amazing on the 3rd day this way!

two sourdough cinnamon rolls, on two blue plates
cinnamon roll with cream cheese frosting on a blue plate

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a pan of sourdough cinnamon rolls slathered with cream cheese frosting

Overnight Pillowy Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

An overnight bulk rise makes these soft and fluffy sourdough cinnamon rolls a breeze to make! With a layer of delicious cream cheese frosting and cinnamon in each bite, they are a delight to eat.
4.90 from 75 votes
Prep Time :20 minutes
Cook Time :30 minutes
Additional Time :12 hours
Total Time :12 hours 50 minutes
Yield: 8 rolls
Author: Amanda Paa



  • 300 grams all purpose flour
  • 20 grams bread flour (Or this can be all purpose flour. I like the little bit of chew that bread flour adds.)
  • 20 grams whole wheat flour
  • 30 grams organic cane sugar
  • 7 grams sea salt
  • 180 grams whole milk, room temperature
  • 130 grams active sourdough starter
  • 1 large egg, room temperature
  • 75 grams room temperature softened unsalted butter, cut into 1/2 tablespoon chunks


  • 3 tablespoons softened unsalted butter
  • 80 grams organic cane sugar
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
  • pinch of salt

Cream Cheese Frosting

  • 4 ounces full fat ounces cream cheese, softened
  • 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temp
  • 1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon powdered sugar
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/4 teaspoon fine sea salt


  • Add flours, sugar, and salt to bowl of a stand mixer. Stir together. Whisk egg, milk, and starter together in separate bowl until no lumps of starter remain. 
  • Attach hook to mixer, and turn on on Kitchenaid speed 2, and gradually add liquid ingredients, until all dry bits are gone. When most of the flour is absorbed, turn mixer to speed 4 and knead for 30 seconds. Mixture will not look smooth, just shaggy. Let sit for 15 minutes. 
  • Turn mixer onto speed 2 (using Kitchenaid Stand Mixer) and add one chunk of butter at a time to the dough, only adding another chunk once the previous is fully incorporated into the dough. Keep doing this until the butter is all added to the dough.
  • Once all the butter is in the dough, turn KitchenAid up to speed 4 and continue kneading for 7 minutes – the dough will be smooth, and cleaning the sides of the bowl. It will be slightly sticky to the touch still. 
  • Overnight rise: Once kneading is done, place the dough in a bowl and cover with a damp cloth, or place bowl inside garbage bag. Leave at room temp to rise until double, about 9-10 hours if your home is at 70 degrees F. It will take longer if your home is cooler, less time if your home is warmer. *Because this is a brioche dough, it takes significantly longer to rise – don’t be alarmed.
  • In the morning, the dough will have doubled, have a smooth top and be domed. Turn it out onto a heavily floured counter. Gently pat it into a rectangle shape and let rest for 10 minutes. 
  • Using a floured rolling pin, roll it into a large rectangle roughly 17″x 12, making the rectangle so that one of the longest sides is closest to you.
  • To make the filling: Use your fingers to spread the softened butter onto the dough keeping 1/2" away from edges.
    This will seem odd, but this technique prevents the filling from leaking out while rising.
    Mix cinnamon, sugar, and salt in small bowl. Evenly distribute the mixture on top of butter.
  • Then use your bench scraper to begin rolling up the dough into a log starting with the long edge closest to you. Use a little extra flour on the bench scraper each time to help pick the dough up from the surface. Don’t worry if it sticks a little, just use a little more flour dust. Roll it down to the top edge and pinch the edge to the dough log to seal it.
  • You should have a long log of dough roughly 17″ long.
    Now cut the dough log with your bench scraper, at 1 1/2 to 2" intervals (you should get 8 or 9 rolls) and place the rolls into a liberally buttered or greased 9 x 13 inch aluminum pan.
  • Place the pan inside a clean garbage bag and fold the opening over so that no air gets inside. Leave at room temp (in a warm spot if possible) to proof until rolls have risen about 50% in size, this takes about 2ish hours if your house is at 70 degrees (less if it is warm in your home or summer time). If you have a warm spot in your home, put them there to speed things up.They should look like the picture above in the post, denoted with a caption that says, "after proofing, ready for oven."
  • When the rolls are done proofing, preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Place pan in oven, turn down to 375 degrees F, and bake for about 25-30 minutes, or until golden brown at the edges, set in the middles and smelling done. Remove and let cool for 15 minutes.
  • Make the Frosting: Beat cream cheese and butter together until smooth. Add remaining ingredients and beat until smooth and airy. When rolls have cooled for 15 minutes, frost them. This will allow the icing to melt into them a bit and create the most fabulous icing.


* Baker’s schedule options are listed above in blog post.
* Plan ahead! You’ll want your butter to room temperature, so that you can add it to the dough while it’s being kneaded in your stand mixer. If it’s too warm, it will make the dough greasy. Too cold, it won’t blend into the dough.
* I strongly suggest having a bench scraper for this recipe. It makes this easier!
* Recipe inspired by and adapted from Ashley Marie Farm and Bakery, and The Perfect Loaf.

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August 12, 2020


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  1. Dina

    5 stars
    I think this is my new favorite recipe!!! It was so incredibly rewarding to make these cinnamon rolls. The dough was very forgiving: I wasn’t perfect with rolling it out or making a tight roll or mixing the butter. I might have over proofed the dough overnight a little. None of that mattered because I still got the most delicious cinnamon rolls I’ve ever made! Every yeast version that I’ve ever tried before has come out doughy & dense, but these cinnamon rolls were so fluffy & light. I honestly didn’t know that was possible. I looked at 5 other recipes for sourdough Cinnamon Rolls and I’m really happy I picked this one. Highly recommend it! I will be making it again very soon ☺️

  2. Rosie and Aaron Dorn

    5 stars
    I used your recipe but changed the filling to Nutella and English toffee bits, so yummy!

    • Amanda Paa

      Nutella and toffee, OMG!!

  3. Cortney

    Can you use all bread flour or bread flour and all purpose if you do not have whole wheat available?

    • Amanda Paa

      Yes, either will work in place of the ww!

  4. Katherine Abigail

    5 stars
    We absolutely love these! We make them for thanksgiving breakfast and their always a family favorite! thank you so much for providing this recipe!!!

    • Amanda Paa

      Oh, I love hearing that they’ve become a family favorite! Thanks for making the recipe!

  5. April Hollingshead

    5 stars
    OMG I finely found the best cinnamon rolls recipe. These were so good. They rose big and fluffy. I did change the recipy using heritage grains instead of the flours it called for but it still came so good. This will be my go to cinnamon rolls recipe.

    • Amanda Paa

      Yay, so glad you enjoyed them, April! Thanks for making the recipe.

  6. Diane

    Can these rolls be made into a loaf of cinnamon bread instead of individual rolls?

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Diane! I haven’t tested that; let me know if you do!

  7. Laurie

    I followed this recipe to a T and my dough was so sticky I couldn’t roll it, I had to add about a cup of flour, I’m on my final rise now. Hopefully they turn out good! Mine do not look as good as yours.

    • Amanda Paa

      Hello! If your dough was very sticky when trying to roll it out, that means it was a proofing issue, likely overproofed.

  8. Julie

    5 stars
    This is my first time doing sourdough cinnamon rolls, although I make regular sourdough bread often. I doubled it and they turned out wonderful! I simplified things a little as i usually do with recipes… i mixed everything together right up front. I started it in the morning, and let it rise all day (my house is usually 65 degrees this time of year). I rolled it out and prepped for final rise at 9pm and put it in a slightly warm oven for 1 and a half hours. It was nicely puffed and then I popped it in the fridge before i went to bed. I baked it in the morning straight from the fridge (as i do regularly with sourdough bread). They baked perfectly and were fluffy. I love this method so it’s ready for my hungry family early! Thank you for the recipe!

  9. Kimber

    5 stars
    Turned out amazing!

    • Amanda Paa

      so glad to hear that!

  10. Karen

    5 stars
    Hello! I’ve made these many times and they’re so awesome. However I’d like to make for Easter and a member of the family has an egg allergy – do you think these would turn out if I simply omitted the egg? Any subs or addition of extra milk/butter? Thanks!

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Karen! I haven’t tested this with an egg substitute, sorry! My best guess is that a flax egg would be the preferred alternative.

      • Amy Lawson

        5 stars
        Hi! I didn’t use egg at all in my recipe as we didn’t have any available and they were still incredible!!

  11. Dana

    5 stars
    This recipe was ah-mazing!!! So easy to follow and make. The taste was perfection. Bonus for using an actual starter purchased from Amanda! :)

    • Amanda Paa

      So glad you enjoyed them; your photo on Instagram was beautiful!

  12. Mia

    hi! I wanted to make these but I only have hand mixer. could I knead these by hand possibly?

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Mia! You could possibly knead by hand, but it will take quite a bit of muscle work!

  13. Ria

    Hi Amanda, why do the cinnamon rolls need to come to room temperate if the final rise occurs in the fridge? Just asking because we don’t do this for the sourdough bread recipes, and I want to know how necessary it is. Thanks!

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Ria! Enriched dough behaves differently than regular sourdough bread recipes. Putting it in the fridge isn’t really giving it a final proof for cinnamon rolls, it just halts fermentation at that point and because it is an enriched dough, it will not ferment anymore in the fridge. That is why they need to come to room and become puffy and enlarged, like you see in the photos before baking.

      • Maria

        So interesting! Thank you 😘

  14. Miranda Martin

    5 stars
    These are great! I’ve always wondered why my cinnamon roll dough doesn’t bake well, and it turns out it’s because I e been freezing them, and then doing the second rise and baking. I made two batches last time, and I baked one right away and froze the rest. The one I baked immediately turned out beautiful! And the one I froze first turned out just okay. So lesson learned! I will be trying to bake and then freeze this time. I also replaced all the sugar with maple syrup with no issues. I cut the amount of sugar in the filling in half and it was still sweet and tasty.

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Miranda! Thanks for making the recipe! Correct, wild yeast does not do well after being frozen so if trying to work ahead, i recommend freezing the baked buns, then rewarming on day of serving and frosting.

  15. Susie

    5 stars
    Have made these twice and the prep & waiting time is so worth the wait! Yummy!

    • Amanda Paa

      So great to hear Susie! Thanks for making the recipe!

  16. Katie Johnson

    5 stars
    These are so good! I made my dough in the morning, let it bulk rise all day, then formed the rolls and refrigerated them overnight. In the morning, I let the pan sit at room temp for an hour or two, then baked. They were delish!

    • Amanda Paa

      Awesome, so glad you enjoyed them! Thanks for making the recipe.

  17. Abi

    Do you think you could make ahead the dough and freeze these? If so, would you freeze before or after the 2nd rise?

    • Amanda Paa

      The best way to freeze is fully baked and unfrosted. Yeast does not like the freezer. You can rewarm in a 300 degree warm oven and ice them accordingly!

  18. Nicole

    5 stars
    These are sooooo good! For anyone without a stand mixer, I made these by hand. The dough was a but sticky, so I kept sprinkling with a tiny bit of flour as I was mixing, and that helped. I thought I had overproofed the dough when I saw it in the morning and there were still chunks of butter once I started rolling it out, so I thought they would turn out dense and inedible, but they were amazing! So the recipe is quite forgiving:). Two changes I made were to use goat milk instead of cow milk and I added some tiny diced apple to the cinnamon mixture. Incredible! My partner already said I HAD to make these again. Thanks Amanda!!

    • Amanda Paa

      So impressive that you made them by hand! Love the idea of adding tiny diced apples. Thank you for making the recipe!

  19. Caitlyn

    5 stars
    Just made these for the first time and these are, without a doubt, the best batch of cinnamon rolls I’ve ever made. Easy to follow instructions and I love that you included pictures for reference on how they look when proofed! This is going on rotation for sure.

    • Amanda Paa

      Yay, that’s so great to hear Caitlyn! Thanks for making the recipe!

  20. Mae

    5 stars
    My family LOVES this recipe! I’ve tried multiple cinnamon roll recipes – with and without sourdough starter – and this one far exceeds the others. The only change I make is original icing vs the cream cheese (the kids don’t like cream cheese icing). You won’t regret making these!

    • Amanda Paa

      so great to hear, and loved the video you shared on instagram!

  21. Amelia

    5 stars
    I just made these and used homemade blueberry jam as the filling! The dough was so wonderfully soft and fluffy with the perfect chew. Will use this recipe again!

    • Amanda Paa

      oh wow, cannot wait to try with blueberry jam – that sounds amazing! so glad you enjoyed the recipe.

  22. Mary

    5 stars
    Really really good! My husband loved them for his Father’s Day brunch. Thank you for such amazing recipes

    • Amanda Paa

      So great to hear, Mary! Love to hear that they were part of a special brunch.

  23. Heike

    I am about to mix it all up, people live it so I want to try it. I have a question, my house is kept pretty warm during summer around 77f, is it possible to put the dough in the fridge over night, maybe compensate in making them earlier!?

    • Amanda Paa

      Hello! Yes, you could also do the bulk fermentation during the day, then roll out the cinnamon rolls and place into their aluminum pan. Let sit in warm spot for about 30 minutes, then cover and refrigerate overnight. After the refrigerated overnight final rise, in the morning you should let dough warm up to room temp in a warm spot and rise about 30%, the photos in the post will you show you what the proofed rolls should look like. I would say at 77 degrees F, that would take about 2 1/2 to 3 hours to come to room temp and finish rising.

  24. Laura

    5 stars
    These FAR exceed my wildest dreams of what a sourdough cinnamon roll could be. I followed the recipe to a T, except I used all organic white flour, not the whole wheat & bread flour that she says.the attention to detail with times and measurements… all I can say is BRAVO and I’m ditching all of my other cinnamon roll recipes. Nothing compares. MAKE THIS ONE!!!!!

    • Amanda Paa

      this is such a kind review, thank you! i’m so glad you enjoy the recipe.

  25. Candice

    5 stars
    Amazing! The only recipe you need. Not too sweet, soft & delicious. The perfect addition to any brunch, special occasion or for no reason at all.

    • Amanda Paa

      Your photo of them on Instagram was beautiful!

  26. Olivea

    5 stars
    Hi there! I absolutely love this recipe and have made it several times. Although, I have been trying to cut back on my white flour recipes and replace with whole wheat… do you have any advice on how I might adjust this recipe using only wheat flour instead of both white and wheat? Thank you so much!

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Olivea! I’m so glad you like this recipe. Unfortunately, enriched doughs like those for sourdough cinnamon rolls don’t work well with a high proportion of whole wheat flour. They just will not be soft and fluffy, pillowy goodness like that of a true cinnamon roll.

  27. Claire Dieterich

    5 stars
    These are amazing! I’ve already made them multiple times and they are the best cinnamon rolls I’ve ever had! It’s worth maintaining a starter for this recipe alone!

    • Amanda Paa

      Yay! Your picture of the rolls on Instagram was so great, they looked perfect!

  28. Susie

    5 stars
    First time making and WOW so yummy!!! Thanks ☺️

    • Amanda Paa

      So glad you liked them, Susie!

  29. Heidi

    5 stars
    I made these for Christmas and it will be my go to recipe.

  30. Damaris

    Hi there! I wanted to do the overnight fermentation but I’m still a little confused, do I still need to set the dough aside for 8+ hr before the over night ferment before rolling them?

    • Amanda Paa

      Hello! The dough is mixed and then set aside overnight for the bulk ferment. Then you roll them out in the morning.

  31. Tegan

    5 stars
    A household favorite. It’s always a treat making these. They are fluffy and soft, perfect for a cozy morning in.

    • Amanda Paa

      love to hear that they’re a family favorite!

  32. Marilou Shea

    Hi Amanda–These sound delish. Do you have a recipe for a dozen by chance? I’m making for a dog rescue fundraiser ;>).

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi! This makes very large rolls, so you could just cut them into 12 equal pieces when you are making. You will have a 9×13 pan of them. Or you could double the recipe and make 12 very large rolls.

  33. Eric Umansky

    Hi, love your recipes. Possible to do this without a mixer?

    • Amanda Paa

      Hello! They won’t have the same soft, brioche like texture without using a stand mixer. But they would still taste delicious.

  34. Solange

    5 stars
    I love all of your recipes, especially ones gluten-free, dairy-free, and refined sugar-free. Please, as many as possible for the New Year, or updates with substitutions posted similar to Unconventional Baker and Bojon Gourmet, my other two favorites in addition to your blog- Just say ‘Yes’!

  35. Kari

    5 stars
    These are the best sourdough cinnamon rolls. My family loved them. I doubled the frosting. I did the overnight fridge method. A must make. Enjoy.

    • Amanda Paa

      we love these too!

  36. Baz

    5 stars
    Gave these a try for Christmas weekend and loved the result. My first time using my stand mixer for a sourdough recipe — very happy with how much lighter it made the dough after baking. Definitely a keeper!

  37. Brenda

    Where do you buy sourdough starter

  38. Nicole

    Hi Amanada! Do you know if buttermilk can be used instead of the whole milk and whether I would need to make any changes? Thanks!

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Nicole! Buttermilk should work great. I’d maybe just add 10 more grams of sugar to the dough to balance the slight tang.

  39. Stefani

    5 stars
    MAKE THESE! They are so good.. I have made them 3-4 times now and they turn out great every time. I use my B&D proofer to keep the temp consistent and that really helps. I love the texture and added some cara cara orange juice to the frosting, then zested some lemon on top for a little pizazz! Keeper recipe!

  40. Tori

    I really love this recipe! I’ve made it with eggnog instead of milk for a Christmas version. I also added some eggnog to the frosting. It was great! Thanks so much!

  41. Daniele

    Fwiw. I LOVE THIS RECIPE. BUT…if you live in a cooler high altitude area like I do (SLC), I have to warm a room to about 75 degrees to get this dough to rise at any of the rising phases. Hopefully that helps someone. Also I’ve used oat milk instead of dairy milk without adjustment and it works fine.

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Daniele! So glad you like the recipe. Yes, an air temp between 72 and 78 degrees F is ideal for helping these rise because this is a brioche dough.

  42. deb fodi

    hi.. my house is only at 68 ish, would u advise putting the rolls, after the rise in the fridge, in the oven with a pan of hot water at the bottom ie steam – to expediate the final rise ? thx

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi! To expedite the rise after taking them out of the fridge, I would put the pan in the oven with the light on, while the oven is off. This will create a warmer ambient temp.

  43. Betsy

    Hello! Would using salted butter slow down the speed of fermentation? I have a very active starter and haven’t had a problem with it yet. My house is between 70 and 72 degrees. For some reason my dough is rising at a very slow speed with the bulk fermentation as well as the second rise of the cinnamon rolls. I did use salted butter. Do you have any trouble shooting tips?

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Betsy! Did you use salted butter and the amount of salt called for? If so, that would likely impact the rise due to the chemical properties.
      Also, because this is a brioche dough, with eggs, butter, and milk, both rises take significantly longer time than regular bread. An overnight rise for the bulk fermentation is easiest because you won’t be looking at the dough wondering why it isn’t rising faster.
      If you can move your dough to a warmer spot for the final rise, that will help!

  44. Cheri Mitchell

    Hello, I was planning to make these today for my husbands work but he is not going in today; need to bake them tomorrow. I’ve already got them proofing in the pan- can I can pop them in the fridge until tomorrow morning then bake them?

    • Amanda Paa

      hello! that might work, haven’t tested refrigerating after final proof. they also reheat well, if that helps to know!

  45. Tre McCarney

    Can I make these ahead of time, freeze after the final proof and then pull out on Christmas Eve to thaw overnight on the counter so I can pop them in the oven for Christmas morning?

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Tre!
      I haven’t tested this recipe with freezing options – sorry. :/ Might be worth doing a trial run if you want to try, before Christmas!

  46. Natalie Louis

    Delicious tangy flavor from the sourdough and cream cheese. I checked the internal temp and it was over 190, but still moist and not too dry.

  47. Ally

    When doing the last proof as a refrigerator proof do you still place the tray in a trash bag and then place in the refrigerator overnight? Thanks

    • Amanda Paa

      And since this is an enriched dough with butter, they will not rise as much as typical bread in the refrigerator. So when you take them out in the morning, let them sit on the counter to double if they aren’t at that stage yet.

  48. Maggie

    Can I use only all-purpose flour? I don’t have any wheat flour. If yes do I have to make any other adjustments?


    • Amanda Paa

      yes, you can use all AP flour! no adjustments to recipe needed.