4 Gluten-Free Sauces You’ll Want To Use On Everything

By Amanda Paa – Updated April 22, 2023

10 years ago.

It was the late 2000’s, and farm-to-table was just starting to make its way into common vocabulary. It nudged people to think about what ingredients they were putting in their body, and where their food came from. Packaged food was still very “packaged” – made with preservatives and unnecessary ingredients so that it could sit on the shelf longer.

Fast forward to 2019, and there are some awesome brands doing amazing things, making healthy and delicious, pre-made food items created from quality ingredients. This means that even people like you and me, who value real food, also have choices to make some nights in the kitchen easier – without sacrificing health or flavor, or having to think too much.

They’ve done the work we would have done if we had the time! Or energy, which some days, I just don’t have.

So let’s talk about these organic master sauces from Freak Flag Foods, that have been elevating our dinners for the last month. Freak Flag Foods is a new company (and from Minneapolis!), and all of their sauces are made with simple organic ingredients like vegetables, herbs, and spices. The four sauces are full of global flavors and personality!

  • Kick’n Curry Mole: bold and spicy, ingredients include ancho chiles, carrot, tomato, lemongrass
  • Smoky Red Mustard: reminds me of a smoky ketchup, ingredients include tomato paste, honey, smoked paprika and mustard seeds
  • Super Kale Pesto: earthy with a jalapeño kick, ingredients include kale, pumpkin seeds, cilantro, basil
  • Zesty Green Herb: full of fresh herbs, made from ingredients including basil, cilantro, mint, garlic

Because they’re so versatile, you don’t need an exact recipe to use any of them, and can be added into your dishes at any point, from beginning to end.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to incorporate the sauces into a weeknight dinner and flip it from boring to crave-worthy.

1. In Soup or Broths: Ever make soup and feel like it’s missing something? Add a few tablespoons of the Super Kale Pesto to just about any simmering pot (Chicken Noodle or Pasta Fagioli come to mind) and it will instantly improve. When I’m making anything Thai or Asian inspired, I love adding the Kicki’n Curry Mole.

These noodle bowls were yesterday’s lunch, and they were so simple. I sautéed garlic and fresh ginger in a stockpot, then added 3 tablespoons of the mole, 1 can of coconut milk, and 1 cup water. Then I simply cooked rice noodles in the coconut broth, and garnished with lime, red onion, sesame seeds, and cilantro. Tofu or chicken would be a great addition too!

Red Curry Rice Noodles Freak Flags Mole Curry

2. As A Finishing Sauce: For any meal of the day, soft scrambled eggs on sourdough toast is definitely my ride or die. Drizzle some of the Zesty Green Herb sauce on top and it becomes bright and fresh. (Or I’ll use the Curry Mole to add some peppery heat to eggs, like hot sauce would normally do! )

The Zesty Green Herb is also a lovely finishing sauce for creamy polenta (pictured at the top of the post). I swear by this instant pot polenta method.

Eggs on sourdough toastZesty Green Herb Sauce by Freak Flag Foods

3. Dip, Dip, Dip: Do you make roasted vegetables throughout the week? I eat them often, and am always looking for new ways to liven them up. I recently made crispy, oven baked fries and used the Smoky Red Mustard as a dipping sauce – and I was 100% happy.

Healthy-ish diner style fries with an elevated dip? I can get behind that.

Oven French FriesSmoky Red Mustard

I love how this red sauce tastes like a peppery ketchup mustard combo. The paprika draws me in! And for me dipping ideas, I love roasted cauliflower with the Super Kale Pesto, and dunking grilled cheese into the Zesty Green Herb sauce..

What will you make?


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January 3, 2019


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