Does a FoodSaver Keep an Avocado From Turning Brown? A Kitchen Experiment

By Amanda Paa – Updated April 29, 2021

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It has been operation #SaveTheAvocado for the last week in this kitchen.

There are many, many methods (and myths) that claim to be the best at keeping an avocado green after its been cut. I think I’ve tried them all….

It seems that to avoid the dreaded brown avocado, one needs to eat it all in one sitting, which isn’t realistic for just one person (unless they’re the tiny avocados sold at Trader Joe’s). Over time, the best way I’d found was to actually leave the avocado in a sandwich bag, cut as is, because the air creates a natural seal. It certainly helps to preserve for maybe a day, but browning becomes quite apparent on day 2, leaving definite room for improvement.

But what about a FoodSaver? How would it preserve an avocado? That was the experiment I set out to test.

FoodSaver Keeps an Avocado from Turning Brown!
preserving an avocado with foodsaver
FoodSaver Keeps an Avocado from Turning Brown!

If you’re unfamiliar, FoodSaver is a vacuum sealing system that seals and removes air from storage bags so food stays fresh longer. Prior to this partnership, I did not own a FoodSaver, but had always been curious. And plenty of times when food would perish in the refrigerator, or acquire a thick layer of freezer burn, I had wished I did.

My first experiment with the FoodSaver FM3000 was all about the avocado. I used the new Seal N Peel bags (BPA free, with fast and easy way to open without cutting) to store the avocado, and documented the progress of “brown”, and also texture, compared to my typical “store in sandwich bag” method over 4 days time. Let’s walk through what happened. (For ease of seeing the progress, I took the avocado out of the sandwich bag for photos to show the browning as clear as possible.)

Right After Sealing, headed into refrigerator.

FoodSaver preserve avocado

On the second day (after 24 hours in the refrigerator): No browning with the FoodSaver, significant degrading of avocado kept in sandwich bag.

Will a FoodSaver keep an avocado from turning brown?

On the 3rd day (after 48 hours in the refrigerator): No sign of browning with the FoodSaver, slightly additional browning for avocado kept in sandwich bag.

Will a FoodSaver keep an avocado from turning brown?

On the 4th day (after 72 hours in the refrigerator): Avocado sealed in FoodSaver Peel and Seal Bag still completely green, looks pristine. Whereas avocado kept in sandwich bag has degraded and become not only very brown, but structurally soft as well.

Will a FoodSaver keep an avocado from turning brown?
FoodSaver Seal N Peel Bags


A FoodSaver does keep an avocado from turning brown! The comparison to the avocado kept in the sandwich bag was not even a close competition. There was very little green left to be seen, and the structural integrity of this avocado was basically like mush.

I actually kept the avocado in the FoodSaver Seal N’ Peel bag for 3 more days, for a total of 6 days, and although I didn’t document it with a photo, it was STILL PERFECTLY GREEN! Very impressive. I’m excited about the fact that I can avoid wasting avocados that don’t get eaten in one day. As well as being able to stock up when they’re on sale!

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July 24, 2018


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  1. Karen

    I’m going on 2 weeks now and the avocado is still green. Would it still be safe to eat?

    • Amanda Paa

      yep, safe to eat!

  2. Donna

    So you leave the peel/rind on the avacado when you split it and vaccum seal it??

    • Amanda Paa

      Yep, that’s what I did!

  3. Carol

    Can you open and reseal the Seal and Peel bags?

    • Amanda Paa

      You can open, and then would want to reseal with foodsaver again.

  4. Pat

    Have used food saver for years but never thought of it for avocado. Should they be a little soft?

    • Amanda Paa

      You’ll want them to be ripe, but not overly soft otherwise the vacuum action will smoosh them.

  5. Shoshana Rose

    I would love to see how well it keeps cheese fresh – especially mozzarella. Gotta have my caprese salads during the summer!

  6. Jeanne Pouliot ODonnell

    I would like to use the FoodSaver for meat bought in bulk. Thank you!

  7. Janet Miller

    Avos!!!! Banana bread, chicken breasts to freeze, herbs & jalapeños! Oh….green onions YEA! 👍🏼🙌🏼😄

  8. ReaderRita

    Oh, avocados for sure- but also grains and dried beans and flour! Any trip to Costco will yield a host of things to be sealed! I too have always wondered about these, but didn’t feel I needed yet *another* thing on my counter unless I would use it all the time. I can now answer that with a hearty “yes”! Super cool.

  9. Karen Leibowitz

    Thanks for finally solving the avocado problem! It’s a real issue! ;)

  10. Ruth

    Don’t own a food saver but have so many uses for it!
    I would save fresh ginger, avos (duh), and I wonder if lettuce /salad and that sort of thing would work? Salad never stays fresh! and heck also wonton wrappers, for good measure!! 😍

  11. Marilyn Bauminger

    All cut up fresh fruit and veggies turn brown and mushy in the fridge. Since I like to make a lot of cold soups in the summertime, the Food Saver would save me a lot of prep time!

  12. Tammara

    Thanks for doing the research, I wondered if the investment in this machine is worth and based on your avocado experiment, I would definitely say, it is. Cooking for one person leaves me with lots of leftovers, this item I would use it for avocados leftover foods, and fruits.

  13. Lori

    If you were to buy several at once would you cut them all in half before sealing them in the bag?

    • amandapaa

      Hi Lori! It’s better to put them in the refrigerator whole if they are ripe, instead of cutting into them. They’ll stay good that way for up to a week after they ripen!

  14. Adele Harth

    Now, avocados! And split ip packages of meats.

    • amandapaa

      YOU ARE THE WINNER of the FoodSaver, ADELE!

      • Adele Harth


  15. Annette

    You sold me on the avocado! My elderly father eats avocado daily, but never the entire thing. I hate that it browns and would love to keep it green.

  16. Chris O

    Avocado for sure because you never eat a whole one! Also any fruits, veggies or meat you buy in bulk.

  17. Karen

    Avocados…berries…peaches…wonderful things from my CSA…

  18. Elizabeth

    Avocados, for sure! Also, would be used for meats in the freezer, since we are a little family of two, and eat grassfed/pasture raised meat… so when they are on sale we buy in bulk but then have a hard time getting through it all!

  19. MaryB

    Gosh, so many things I’d like to keep by using a food saver. I’m totally impressed by your results with the avocado. Veggies and fruits would be top on my list.

  20. Kimt

    Avocados, meat, veggies…it is endless. A must try.

  21. Susan Berke

    Definitely avocados. Portions of fish. Halves of apples.

  22. Mairi-a

    Living in the Mediterranean island Cyprus… where heat
    is an important factor … so definitely would use for fragile 🌶 🍅 🍆+ 🍑 🍏 🍎 which discolour quickly.. thanks

  23. Natalie R

    After seeing this, avocados for sure!! I love to eat them, but I really can only have half of one at a time.. so I rarely purchase them because I would hate for such an expensive fruit to go to waste. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! Would love to use one of these for my kitchen :)

  24. Stephanie Murico

    Saving already cut up apples!

  25. Gina

    I will use it to keep my blocks of chocolate from absorbing smells from other foods!

  26. TLee

    Honestly, avocados. I love them, I can’t eat a whole one, and I hate wasting them. So I don’t eat them as often as I’d like.

  27. Jay

    This was a fantastic blog. As a new widow, still somewhat at sea, I’m unused to cooking for one, not to mention a reduced appetite. I just love the idea of this Food Saver, and it would certainly be put to good use. I presume these bags might be frozen?
    Thank you so much for researching, jay

  28. Anna C

    I’d definitely be using it for avocados after seeing your results!

  29. Hailey Weerts

    Would love to try the food saver for keeping cut up veggies like cucumbers and carrots!

  30. Laura

    Definitely avocado! And cheese!