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Last updated: April 28, 2021

Heartbeet Kitchen ~ a food blog redesign

Happy New Year everyone! I am so incredibly excited to share my new blog design with you today, a project I’ve been working on with Lindsay of White Oak Creative for the past 5 months. As I’ve grown personally and professionally, with Heartbeet Kitchen and freelance work now being my full-time job, I felt it was time for this space to grow along with me.

Designing a food blog is not an easy task, and I am so incredibly grateful for all the work that Lindsay did. From the layout, the visual elements, and the functionality, she custom built what I had in mind in a beautiful way. Through several iterations, we worked on keeping my clean and natural branding the same, but polishing things up and making the site easier for you to navigate.

Here are a few of my favorite changes that I think you’ll enjoy too:

  1. A whole new look and feel. The redesigned layout is much more user friendly and visual, without being overcomplicated. On the homepage, the slider at the top rotates with different seasonal recipes, and below that, you’ll find my most recent posts.
  2. A visual RECIPE INDEX! Definitely the thing I’m most excited about. I was even having a hard time finding some of my recipes. There’s also different sorting capabilities – by meal, season, and types like vegan, paleo, nut-free, etc.
  3. A recipe card for each post that you can save or easily print.
  4. Designated space for my Travel and Lifestyle columns. The latter will be a spot for me to do more opinion based writing about self care, DIY natural skincare, and things I’ve got on my mind at the moment.

What hasn’t changed is how much I love real food, and real life. I can’t wait to share more of it with you this year. That being said, if there’s anything else you’d like to see on the blog, I’m all ears!

Now since cooking with the seasons is my jam, I thought I’d show you what’s been happening in the kitchen that doesn’t necessarily get posted on the blog, and some outtakes from everyday life. From the looks of it, winter so far has been filled with nourishing meals, appetizers + holiday celebrations, and sweet {gluten-free} treats.

Fuyu Persimmons

This year was my first time trying persimmons, and wow – sweet as candy! I’m itching to try them in this cardamom milkshake.

Once I saw my friend Alison post this recipe for Spiced Lentils & Roasted Brussels Sprouts, I ran out and got the ingredients. We loved the flavors, and it was super simple to make. Makes great leftovers too.

Spiced Lentils & Roasted Brussels Sprouts (gluten-free, vegan)

And there were sweet treats, and sugar plum fairies dancing throughout the kitchen during the holidays. I slightly adapted a recipe from Robin Asbell’s terrific new book, The Whole Grain Promise, and made this snappy Pepita Granola Brittle, conquering my fear of the candy thermometer at the same time.

Pepita Granola Brittle

And it wouldn’t be Christmas without {gluten-free} Chocolate Peppermint Crinkles, am I right? Something so magical about them. Oh, and I finally found an organic powdered sugar – hooray! There wasn’t enough time to get this recipe on the blog, but next year.

gluten-free Peppermint Chocolate Crinkles

This orange glazed brussels sprouts & butternut squash recipe has been on repeat…….

Orange Glazed Brussels Sprouts & Butternut Squash {gluten-free}

Some vintage thrifting scores…. I want to make one recipe a month from the Gourmet Cookbook, which was published in 1961. It’s so interesting to see how food has changed, and stayed the same over the years.

vintage kitchen finds

Our Christmas appetizer, which I aptly named Aloha Bites: Bacon Wrapped Pineapple with a brush of honey. Salty and sweet, my weakness!

Aloha Bites: Bacon Wrapped Pineapple with a honey glaze

And a holiday hello from Grace and I.

Amanda of Heartbeet Kitchen, and her cat Grace.

Would love to hear how your winter is going, so let me know in the comments below! Or you can always say hi on Instagram too. Cheers to a great start to 2016! xo

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January 4, 2016


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  1. Absolutely love the new layout, features and clean lines, Amanda. The new self care section is so fun, too. I make a lot of DIY skin/hair stuff and am always looking for new recipes. Grace looks apathetic to your celebration.. Looks like you were giving her the hold treatment. Something I always loved doing with my cats! hehe! xo Congratulations my dear! Happy New Year!

    • Oh thank you so much Traci! Aren’t DIY skincare projects relaxing to make, and use? And yes, Grace definitely got the hold treatment. Not her favorite. :) xo

  2. Lady, I would love to spend a day (or three!) with you in the kitchen! Everything you put your hands to is lovely. And congrats on your new site! I <3 it so much, and yay for the visual recipe index!!! I wanted that so badly for my site, but honestly, my pics from when I first started are soooooo terrible it would not have been a good thing, lol. Your vintage finds are fabulous! I have the same vintage Gourmet cookbook and I Iove it! xoxo

  3. Lady, I would love to spend a day (or three!) with you in the kitchen! Everything you put your hands to is lovely. And congrats on your new site! I <3 it so much, and yay for the visual recipe index!!! I wanted that so badly for my site, but honestly, my pics from when I first started are soooooo terrible it would not have been a good thing, lol. xoxo

  4. This looks amazing, congrats!! I’m especially fond of the paint-like wisps of color everywhere, and the prominent photos. Love your new pic with the coffee mug, so perfect.

    I am excited about your 1961 cookbook!! I can’t wait to hear what you make. I have a few old cookbooks myself and I’ve only made a few recipes from them. Perhaps it’s time to dig them out. :)

    Happy New Year! Would love to get together soon. – Nik

    • Aw, thanks Nicole! We worked really hard on those little wisps so I’m glad someone else likes them. :)

      We should cook from the vintage cookbook together someday! Wouldn’t that be fun?

  5. Happy New Year, Amanda! The redesign looks so fabulous! It’s so clean yet maintains your fun atmosphere here. Perfect :) Those lentils + brussels sprouts and cookies certainly caught my eye, but most of all I love the picture of you and Grace. She is such a sweetie! Xo

  6. I love the new site! And the photography! It’s amazing as always, but I’m so drooling over that orange glazed Brussels sprouts and butternut squash. I could eat that every daaaay. Love you, lady! Your passion for food and life is a beautiful thang!!

  7. I love it! I feel like redesigns are so hard because you don’t really know what you want until you see it on someone else’s site :) Lovely talking to you yesterday, can’t wait to get a trip on the books! xo

    • Yes, they take a lot of tweaking and then you change your mind… lol! Similar to how I am with trying to pick out clothes. So good talking to you yesterday as well, and so looking forward to a little getaway!

  8. Gorgeous, fresh and fun just like you! Hubbie and I are salivating over the Aloha Bites may have to try very soon! Keep the delicious recipes a comin!

  9. I LOVE it! The redesign looks beautiful. So exciting and what a great, fresh way to start a new year. I hope you get to try out the shake – persimmons are a new favorite for me. Also, those beets are crazy pretty! xo!

  10. Eeekkk! I love it! Everything looks amazing and I can’t wait to poke around more. I’ve been itching to re-design my site for so long and now you’re making me all sorts of jealous with this beautiful creation! Cheers to 2016, friend!

    • Thank you Ashley! Gosh, those beets were just such a fantastic color. And I couldn’t resist putting that hat on Grace – our yearly tradition even though she isn’t a real fan. Hope you are well! xo