Kitchen Reno Notes: The Modern White Range That Completed Our Design

By Amanda Paa – Updated May 8, 2020
woman putting sheet pan of carrots and radishes into a white blue star oven
white blue star range with gold trim in a white kitchen

When we began envisioning what our dream kitchen would look like, my biggest desire was to have a beautiful white range as the focal point. One that catches your eye from the minute you walk in. Gold knobs. European inspired. Incredible cooking precision.

It was something I’d thought about for years, an element I was always drawn to when spending way too much time pursing Pinterest for kitchen inspiration.

But I wasn’t sure we’d be able to make it happen. Our budget was prioritized for the structural changes first, and then the design element.

I wondered if there was a way my recipe development skills, brand, and passion for creating inspiration food content, could translate into making my range dreams come true. So I pursued a partnership with Blue Star, known for their commercial ranges that can be fully customized (over 750 different colors to chose from!), and I’m incredibly grateful to say that it came to fruition. Over the next two years, I’ll be developing content for Heartbeet Kitchen and Blue Star, and I can’t wait for you to take a peak behind the scenes of every day cooking in my renovated kitchen.

I’m now cooking on this 48 inch Blue Star RNB Series Gas Range with Griddle, and finished with a 48 inch Blue Star Pyramid Style Hood, handmade in Pennsylvania. And all my dreams have officially come true.

When working on the layout of the kitchen, the 48 inch my mind, was perfect, with 6 burners and two ovens. Convincing Brian to go away from a standard 30 inch, or even 36 inch that Blue Star offers, wasn’t the easiest. Design wise, his biggest concern was how it would flow with the rest of our minimalist elements. But, he trusted me on this one, and once it was installed, we immediately knew it was the right choice.

Here’s the before and after the wall that the range sits on, taken from the same angle.

u-shaped kitchen with blue walls and white cupboards
white kitchen with white blue star range and stainless steel hood
u-shaped kitchen with blue walls and white cupboards
u shaped kitchen with sage green cabinets, frameless window and white range

Not only is the range absolutely stunning, but the performance is of professional grade, with 22,000 BTU burners, and an extra-large convection oven (particularly helpful for all the sourdough recipes I bake).

Design Elements of Our Blue Star Range

As I mentioned, Blue Star has customization options that I never even knew existed when it came to ranges. In my mind, companies build a model, and that’s what you get. You may get to chose between stainless steel, black, or white, but that was it. And as far as knobs and trim, you get what you get. Not the case! BlueStar lets anyone design with a wide variety of color options and textured finishes, as well as endless configurations for ranges, cooktops and wall ovens.  To view all these possibilities, BlueStar offers an interactive website tool, “Build Your Own BlueStar,” which allows you to customize everything from the intensity of the burners to the color of the knobs and the range itself.


There are over 1000 !! colors that Blue Star will build any of their ranges in, specifically for you. Truly a painter’s palette. You chose the color, they build accordingly.

We chose Pure White from a selection of seven (!) different whites they offer. I would classify it as a flat paint finish, which we wanted so that it didn’t glare with the vast amount of natural light in the space.

Knobs and Trim:

The knobs come in all color options as well, and are easily changeable. So if you want to add a different pop of color in a few years, it’s an easy switch. And all of a sudden you’ve got a whole new look. We chose Pure White knobs.

There are 10 metal trim options including copper, brass and stainless steel. We chose Brushed Brass trim, which added unique richness and warmth to our kitchen. It’s not too shiny, and we were able to match other accessories to the finish, such as our scones, and cabinet hardware.

opening french door of oven

Door Style

Blue Star has a multitude of oven door configurations you can choose from. Standard drop down, swing left, swing right and chef-preferred French Doors – you name it.

When I saw the configuration with large main oven and secondary small oven with swing right French door, I knew that was exactly what I wanted.

Not only do I love how it looks, but it helps with efficiency. The smaller oven is so great for using less energy when I am roasting a small tray of vegetables, or baking this tahini chocolate chip skillet cookie.

Cooktop Configuration

Blue Star ranges can be configured to have integrated cooktop accessories, including built-in griddles, charbroilers, and even the chef-preferred French Tops. Plus, you can design a range with the burners where you want them. The options are limitless, seriously.

We chose the 12 inch flat top griddle and it gets SO much use. I love it for the classics like pancakes, sourdough english muffins, and burgers. But it’s also great for reheating food!

english muffins cooking on griddle


The one thing design wise that I was actually concerned about was working in a large hood. We needed it to match the size of the range, at 48 inches wides, and in my mind, that sounded like it would stand out too much. But it turned out to be just the finishing touch needed. Without the hood, your eyes wouldn’t be drawn up the tile work.

And the ventilation is amazing. The fan has three speeds, that work mega fast. It clears the air of smells, grease, and any smoke in pretty much an instant.

The Blue Star Pyramid Style hood comes in over 1,000 !! colors, but we went with stainless steel to accent the other metallics in the space. Seamless design paired with heavy duty construction – a major win.

modern white kitchen with white range and stainless steel hood
White Kitchen with flowers hanging out of sink

This amount of customization enabled us to create something that is seamlessly woven into the rest of the kitchen design. And I absolutely love it.

Want to see more of our kitchen renovation and designs?

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May 7, 2020


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  1. Ann

    I’m getting all blue star appliances and in white. I’m also wanting green cabinets, can you share the color of this green? Love them and this kitchen! Thank you!

  2. Cathy

    Hi Amanda! I love your kitchen. I am looking at that exact range. Did you get the matte finish on the pure white. If not, is it too shiny? Also, how is the baking going in the gas oven?

    • Amanda Paa

      Hello Cathy! We have the regular Pure White, not matte. I do not think it is too shiny. Baking is going great, I don’t have an issue using a gas oven.

  3. Liz Peay

    Can you tell me where the tile/backsplash is from?

  4. Laura A Grannell

    Can you please share with me where or how you were able to get various color rhombus/diamond tiles in multiple colors to make that amazing design? I’ve been thinking of a similar concept but can’t seem to figure out how to get a variety of colors to work with. Thanks for your insight! I hope you are still enjoying your beautiful kitchen!

  5. Krissi

    I LOVE everything about your kitchen. I have a question about the white you chose, i’ve read that it is more of an off-white. Are you enjoying that aspect? It looks as if you have another appliance that’s white, did you match it to your range?

  6. Ashlee

    I’ve been looking at la cornue, Llve, and Aga, but this! This stove is amazing! And is making me seriously rethink the European range! 😳

    • Amanda Paa

      We love our Blue Star range so much!

  7. Karen Wilkinson

    Two words…

    STUN NING!!!

    • Amanda Paa

      Thank you, Karen!

  8. Courtney Barth

    Where is your backsplash from? 😍

    • Amanda Paa

      Hi Courtney! This is a custom backsplash from Mercury Mosaics.

  9. Susan

    OK, I could move it NOW!! What a beautiful range. SO lucky.