Colorful Black Bean & Sweet Corn Salad

By Amanda Paa – Updated December 3, 2021

There’s something about waiting for all stars to align when it comes to the August harvest, when you have so many fresh, perfectly ripe vegetables staring you in the eyes, longing to become part of a nourishing meal. The markets are overflowing with bushels of sun kissed tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, piles of peppers, summer squash, eggplants in all shapes and sizes…the list goes on. What’s amazing to me is that each time I weasel through the aisles or open up my CSA share, their is something new, something beautiful.  

This salad encompasses everything I love about summer – Heirloom cherry tomatoes, sweet corn straight from the truck, jalapeño, cilantro, garlic, and the often overlooked cabbage.  I wanted to come up with a light vinaigrette dressing, one that complimented the freshness of the vegetables but had a little kick that kept me wanting seconds. In comes the jalapeno, lime juice, and cilantro dressing!

What I’ve found to be the secret to keeping your slaw from getting watery and losing all of its flavor is this key ——after very very thinly shredding your cabbage (i use this mandoline), place it in a colander and massage in 1 to 2 t sea salt and let it sit for at least an hour, pressing it down a couple of times to help push the water out. The salt leaches out the extra water that resides in the cabbage, and wallah – no more soggy slaw.

And just in case you needed a wine pairing I just happen to have one :) The White One, by First Drop Wines (purchased at Pairings Food & Wine for a cool $11.99!) is total fun juice and has a creamy, fruitiness that plays nicely with the zesty jalapeno vinaigrette dressing. A blend of 84% Arneis (a grape traditionally blended with Nebbiolo) and 16% Chardonnay, it has a lovely floral noise and hints of lemon curd and white peaches on the palate that I loved.

Black Bean and Sweet Corn Slaw

*This is salad is great to make on a Sunday and eat throughout the week because it was last for up to 4 days in the refrigerator – enjoy!

-2 cups shredded cabbage (I used savoy)
-2 cups shredded purple cabbage
-1 t. sea salt
-1 can black beans, drained and rinsed
-1 cup diced tomatoes
-2 green onions, chopped (white and green parts)
-1 1/2 c sweet corn

-1/4 c olive oil
-1 t salt
-1 clove garlic, minced
-1/4 c chopped cilantro
-juice of 1 lime
-1 jalapeno, minced
-1 t cumin

Thinly shred cabbage using a mandoline or very carefully with a sharp knife. Place in a colander and massage in 1 tsp salt. Let sit for at least one hour and squeeze a few times during its resting period to help push water out. After one hour, lightly dry with a towel. In a large bowl, combine beans, tomatoes, green onions, and sweet corn. Mix in cabbage. In seperate container combine all dressing ingredients except olive oil. Then whisk in olive oil, adding it slowly to make sure it is fully incorporated. Stir into coleslaw and let refrigerate for at least a half hour to let flavors develop.

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August 30, 2012


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  1. Chris

    This looks great!

    • amandapaa

      Thank you! If you can grab end of the season sweet corn and tomatoes, do it! I ate it for lunch like three days straight and made several people at work jealous :)

  2. Kate

    I would totally eat that, and may buy some corn just to make this salad. Beautiful, colorful and healthy- it’s got it all.

    • amandapaa

      Thanks Kate :) Have a lovely labor day weekend – had so much fun with you on Monday at the State Fair! Going back for more on Sunday :)