Natural Winter Skincare Tips + Interview with Luminance Skincare

By Amanda Paa – Updated January 12, 2021

We all know it’s coming……. super dry air, harsh winds, and bone-chilling cold. Living in a northern state, our skin is certainly at a disadvantage. It seems every winter, my bare white legs can’t hold the moisture I give them, and the hot showers that feel so good only make it worse. My face seems to have trouble finding balance, and to no avail, I’m always fighting dry, flaky skin.

As part of my new column here on the blog, Well + Good, I’m excited to be sharing more natural skincare ideas with you, and DIY beauty “recipes” (here’s the easy Hand Repair Cream in case you missed it). And today it’s all about keeping your skin feeling invigorated, fresh and soft throughout the winter months, naturally.

As I’ve mentioned before, this year I took a long hard look at the products I was using on my body. I started from scratch with my medicine cabinet and makeup bag in seeking out natural ways to nourish my skin, I connected with Elena & Kim from Luminance Skincare. Just as the story behind food is important to me, I feel a similar pull towards many things, whether that be a scarf I’m wearing or in this case, what I’m putting on my skin. I was taken back by Kim’s (the founder) story, and embraced their philosophy of creating handmade, raw organic products without anything synthetic or toxic. From the hydrating moisturizer (my favorite!) to the sunscreen, skin butter and eye serum, they’re all made with high quality oils that have essential fatty acids, exactly what our skin needs.

With the change in skincare, my face has become soft, clear, and refreshed. Hence, the no make-up picture above.

So today I’m talking with Kim to share his passionate thoughts on skincare, dispell common myths, and prepare with natural winter skincare tips. PLUS THERE’S A GIVEAWAY FOR THESE FOUR PRODUCTS, MY MUST-HAVES! 
  • What inspired you to start Luminance Skincare, and how does your passion continue to blossom?

After years of battling migraines, we discovered that my wife’s pain was being triggered by the synthetic, and largely toxic ingredients found in almost all commercially available products and many of the so called “hand crafted and natural” skincare products, especially the synthetic fragrances, used in making them. Even “unscented” products use toxic Masking Scent to cover all the nasty smells of the awful commercial ingredients (it’s why most unscented products smell the same regardless of what’s in them or who makes them). Regardless of claims and declarations of purity most products from companies large and small, many contain synthetic fragrances and preservatives to a wide range of petrochemical derivative oils, and animal part derived gums. It really is a mess.

An engineer by trade, I decided we were going to embark on a journey to create safe, clean, and nourishing products, that are perceived by the skin as nutrients, and do no harm to anyone or anything. I took to the extreme and put on my engineering hat, studying skincare used in ancient times, throwing out conventional wisdom, and getting back to basics. Everything is organic, vegan and raw. Without anything synthetic. Toxic. Or harmful in any way, all handmade by me.

kim luminance

  • What does our skin crave most?

Water! And good nutrition. And fatty acids, which is why you’ll notice that all of our products are made with nourishing oils like Tamarind, Kukui, Argan, Avocado, Apricot Kernel, Tamanu and Borage.

The geek in me is fascinated by the fact that our skin is a self replicating, a dynamic protective membrane from what it senses from our outside world, and what we’re putting into it. It recreates to protect us.

  • What innocent mistakes do you typically see when people are trying to treat their skin naturally?

When most people decide to dabble in natural skincare, they typically turn to coconut oil based products. Our bodies love to digest the good fats and nutrition benefits of coconut, but only via eating it. Topically used, coconut oil coagulates and actually clogs pores, sitting on top of the skin and never getting deep enough to moisturize.

Luminance Rosewater: important step to correcting dry facial skin, oily facial skin or skin that vacillates between the two

  • And finally what are your top winter skincare tips, besides moving to California like you ;)?

1. In really dry climates, it’s especially important to prep your skin beforehand by balancing the PH. This allows it to absorb the nutrients you’re feeding it, and provide a steady base. This can easily and quickly be done with a few sprays of rosewater, which also feels fresh and invigorating.

2. Cleansing is a must, but gently. You don’t want to strip away the natural oils. Our delicate cleanser is a very pure handmade liquid soap with it’s pH naturally adjusted with carefully selected organic ingredients to compliment and nourish your skin.

Funny thing about soap. There’s no better way to cleanse your facial skin than a properly made and properly pH balanced soap. When people say “Don’t put soap on your face” it’s because they don’t really understand skin. What they should be saying is don’t use anything on your skin that challenges the natural pH balance of your skin.

Luminance Skin Butter: Profound in its simplicity; Argan, Kukui and Avocado oils whipped over a couple of days into a silky, delicate mouse.3. Moisturizing is critical to keep your skin balanced, feeding it with the nutrients in needs to replicate. Our deep hydration lotion is rich with Tamarind Seed and Tamanu Oils; together acting very much like collagen to help your skin retain moisture and regain elasticity. It all starts with a base of Organic Lavender Water; a very calming antioxidant, and is blended with the oils of Argan, Kukui Nut, Borage, Sunflower and Meadow Foam.

Perhaps what’s best is the quick complete penetration leaving your skin silky and smooth. Never greasy, allowing make up application in a minute or two. And when the cold, dry air just gets to be too much, our skin butter will be your best friend.

Or if you struggle with eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis. While it won’t cure the condition, it will help with the itching and the scaliness. Also, swimmers, desert or high mountain dwellers swear by it.

luminance skincare

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November 16, 2015


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  1. Suzie

    Ordered the shampoo and fascial cleanser….LOVE them. Thanks for sharing this wonderful company. They truly make great products and they have amazing customer service! Luminance is my new skin care company!

    • amandapaa

      Yay Suzie – that’s great! I love them too, and totally agree about the customer service. But most importantly, their products are so good for the skin. xo

  2. Suzie

    Your code doesn’t work for the discount.

  3. Suzie

    I ordered the shampoo and face cleanser. I have used the shampoo for the past week. I am in LOVE!!! Best shampoo I have tried. Need to try the face cleanser still. Thank you so much for sharing this amazing company.

  4. kim L

    i would love the skin butter, my skin is so dry in the winter especially

  5. Erin@WellPlated

    DEFINITELY need the deep hydration lotion. WI winter is not kind to my skin! Great giveaway, thank you!

  6. Debbie

    I’d love to try the deep hydration lotion! My face gets horribly dry during the winter and always seems to flake, no matter what moisturizer I use.

  7. Megan {Country Cleaver}

    Winter has just started and I’m already feeling the effects of the air. These look so beautiful!

  8. Elle

    I had no idea about coconut oil – I’ve actually been oil cleansing with it – oops! I need both a good cleanser and a good moisturizer (if I have to abandon my coconut oil!) so those have my vote!

  9. sara

    wow this brand looks incredible! that face wash.. gimme!

  10. BethO

    Well, I did it. I just ordered the cleanser, toner, and “mature” recommended moisturizer. (LOL!) ? as well as the body lotion. I’ve been a dry, flaky mess all fall and I’m ready to feel moisturized! Can’t wait to get the products! I’ve been looking for something like this for a long time. Great post, Amanda! ?

    • amandapaa

      oh you are going to love it Beth! the moisturizer is so dreamy, and the body lotion is silky smooth without being greasy. will be a fun little gift for yourself. thanks for stopping by, and hope you are well, xo.

  11. cel

    wow i have been using coconut butter on my skin…i didn’t know that about it! i have been seeing more acne on my face so that could be why….

    i would love to try the skin butter!

  12. Tristyn

    Always looking for good quality skincare products! So hard to find and so glad you featured Luminance on your blog! While all of them sound amazing, I could greatly benefit from the deep hydration as my skin gets so dry in the winter months.

  13. Suzie

    The facial cleanser.

  14. Chloe

    I’d love to try it all, but especially the rosewater toner. Looks luxurious!

  15. jacquie

    the deep hydration moisturizer especially with winter coming up!

  16. Audrey

    I would love to try the facial cleanser!

  17. Dima asi

    I really would like to have the moisturizer I’ve never used a moisturizer on my face so it would be nice to try it out

  18. Sherrie

    I have never heard of Luminance Skincare before, but I’m totally sold. I need some good skincare products like crazy badly. Thank you, thank you for this opportunity!

    • amandapaa

      girl, this stuff is full of plant goodness! right up your alley. :)

  19. Sarah Scott

    I am most excited to try the deep hydration moisterizer.. that is easily my most overlooked skincare routine and I have been hoping to stumble across a great product like this one!

    • amandapaa

      the deep hydration is dreamy! my skin loves it.

  20. Toan tran

    Rosewater toner

  21. Tina Ocampo

    Excited about the rosewater toner :)

  22. Lauren Williams

    Wow, I want to try them all! I’m most excited about the cleanser because I’ve never been able to find something that’s both gentle and effectivive. Also the lotion sounds amazing!

  23. Amy

    I love your tips are so good I would definitely be doing a lot of them the first time I seen your blog and I really like it I added you on Instagram and Twitter.

  24. Melissa Coyle

    Wow thanks for all
    The information! I learned something new, about coconut oil, I had no idea. I have noticed more breakouts on my arms, and now I know why I’m clogging my pores!!! The item I would love to try is the cleansing face wash. I recently started grad school and my face has been a disaster (and I never suffered from acne) so I think the cleansing scrub would be perfect fit!

  25. Faith (An Edible Mosaic)

    This post is chock full of great info! That’s so interesting about coconut oil, because I’ve always thought of it as a great natural lotion when my hands get super dry. (Side Note: I need to try your hand repair cream!) This sounds like a fabulous product line. xoxo

  26. Sherwood

    I’m most excited about trying the deep hydrating lotion. I have awful, AWFUL skin on my hands, and it’s hard for me to find good lotion to combat that. I’m curious to see how this works!

  27. Jolaine

    I’d love to try the Papaya Enzyme Exfoliant Facial Mask and the Deep Hydration Organic Moisturizer!!

  28. Rebecca

    I would love to try the deep hydration lotion because we’re heading into Minnesota winter!

    • amandapaa

      It is dreamy. My skin just soaks it up!

  29. Tessa | Salted Plains

    I love this new series, Amanda! The migraine part of his story really struck a chord with me. :) So many good facts – winter hasn’t even started yet and I’m already feeling it. xo!

  30. LaTanya

    I want to try their skin butter! I have been on the search for a good non-toxic moisturizer that won’t make my oily skin more oily. I’ll have to give this a try.

    • amandapaa

      oh, i think the skin butter would be perfect for you LaTanya! thanks for stopping by. xo

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    These products sound amazing — I’m always looking for new nontoxic moisturizers to try so thank you for turning me on to this company!

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    They all sound heavenly but I’m most excited to try the Deep Hydration Lotion. My skin soo needs it!! Thanks for a great review and the chance to win?? Fingers crossed. Thanks again!!??

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      I was so surprised about coconut oil! I had no idea it wouldn’t absorb into our skin.

      • Julie moon

        That surprised me, too ! I need to rewrite some of my DIY beauty recipes! ?

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    The struggle is real about hot showers making everything worse… But I can’t resist when it gets so cold!

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      i know, right? it takes a lot for me to get out of the shower in less than 10 minutes during the winter. thanks for stopping by!