Luck of the Irish Skewers

By Amanda Paa – Updated March 11, 2022
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Luck of the Irish Skewers are an easy, festive St. Patrick’s Day appetizer with pickled brussels sprouts, pastrami, and cheese. The best of Irish food on a stick!

irish skewers on a white plate, with pastrami and pickled brussels sprouts, cheese. pink napkin to the left of plate, gold chocolate coins to the right of plate.
skewers with pastrami, pickled brussels sprouts, cheese, rye bread on a white plate

These might just be the easiest St. Patrick’s Day appetizer ever. No baking, brining, or boiling required.

These Luck of the Irish Skewers are inspired by traditional Irish foods like corned beef and cabbage, pumpernickel bread, and their incredible Irish cheddar cheese.

They’re as simple to make as grabbing ingredients from the store and threading them onto wooden skewers!

pastrami, cheese, on a white plate with a small plate of pickled brussels sprouts and rye bread next to it.

Ingredients for these Luck of the Irish Skewers:

  • Sweet and nutty Dubliner Irish cheddar starts the skewers.
  • A slice of pastrami, which I get from my local butcher shop. But you can also find it at any grocery store.
  • Pickled brussels sprouts represent the cabbage, which might be my favorite part of the skewer. They’re zesty and zingy, soaked in a spicy brine, plus they still hold a little crunch. You can find them in the condiments sections of a grocery store, or even places like World Market, which is where I got mine.
  • And pumpernickel bread to finish. This is a dark, slightly sweet rye bread traditionally made with sourdough starter and coarsely ground rye. It’s denser and heartier than a typical rye sourdough bread.

If you’re hosting a party for St. Patrick’s Day these skewers are a fun and unique way to pay homage to the best of Irish food. They’re so simple to make and can be prepared a day ahead of time, just add the toasts the day you serve. Pair them with a Guinness beer and you’re set!

putting meat and cheese on a wooden skewer
pickled brussels sprouts, cheese, pastrami and rye bread on skewers
irish skewers on a plate with dijon mustard, gold coins to the right of plate
skewers with pastrami, pickled brussels sprouts, cheese, rye bread on a white plate

Luck of the Irish Skewers

The best of Irish food in bite size form, on a skewer! The perfect St Patrick's Day appetizer that's incredibly easy to make.
5 from 1 vote
Prep Time :15 minutes
Total Time :15 minutes
Yield: 8 servings
Author: Amanda Paa




  • Toast several bread slices and cut into small triangles or cubes, depending on how thick the bread is.
  • Thread skewers in this order: cheese, a slice of pastrami that you fold up, pickled brussels sprout, cheese, piece of bread.
  • Serve with dijon mustard!

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March 12, 2014


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  1. Sandy says

    Fabulous idea for St Patricks Day!

  2. Jessica says

    Do you use dill or sweet Cornichons? What kind of Pickled brussels sprouts? Dill too?? thank you!

    • amandapaa says

      Hi Jessica! I use dill cornichons. And I buy these pickled brussels sprouts. I’ve found them at World Market!

      • Jessica says

        Thank you! So you use the mild kind instead of the spicy? I found dill pickled brussels sprouts but will probably need to go to World Market like you suggest if I need to do the mild or spicy.

        • amandapaa says

          Either works great, just personal preference if you like something with a little heat!

  3. Coffee and Crumpets says

    Pickled Brussels sprouts? There is such a thing? I must look for it! These Irish skewers are quite clever and I bet they taste wonderful!

    • amandapaa says

      Yes, pickled brussels sprouts are a must find! Which state do you live in again? They have them at World Market around these parts.

  4. Stephanie @ Girl Versus Dough says

    So many congrats on sending in the book! That’s a huge accomplishment. And these skewers? SO much yum.

    P.S. This may be waaaay belated at this point but I am loving your redesign!!

    • amandapaa says

      Thanks Stephanie! Huge relief to have the book turned in. Left a note on your facebook page about Minnesota lutheran church potlucks with cheez whiz slathered rye + green olives ;) Appreciate you noticing the redesign – you aren’t late, I haven’t called it out yet because still working through a few kinks but feels nice and fresh! xo

  5. Elaine Paa says

    Dang, I wish I lived closer to you so I could taste all this stuff. Sounds like my kind of food – and the Bloody Mary too.

    • amandapaa says

      Grandma, wished you lived closer too! I would definitely share :)