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watch video above to learn about my Salty Date Caramel Scotcheroo Bars baking kit!

Inspired by my popular recipe for Salty Chocolate Date Caramels, this insanely good, real food version of Scotcheroo Bars {gluten-free, vegan, naturally sweetened} came to life as a collaboration with Cake in a Crate. That means you can buy the kit to make these, and have it delivered straight to your door! Think Blue Apron concept, but in the form of delicious bars you can make and share, or not. :)

I wanted to develop this Crate for a few reasons, but mostly with YOU in mind!

  1. If you love traditional Scotcheroos, you will love these. If you’ve never had a Scotcheroo, prepare for your world to be changed. THE BEST. THE BEST. THE BEST.
  2. Every single ingredient is gluten-free, vegan, refined sugar-free and sourced from family-run and artisan makers committed to healthy people and a healthy earth.
  3. Including shipping, the crate is $25, which is such a great deal considering the carefully sourced ingredients, time saved driving from grocery store to grocery store, beautiful packaging, and a bakery case worthy pan of bars that YOU can take credit for.
  4. Instead of having to buy ingredients you don’t use all that often (like that $8 jar of brown rice syrup), everything comes in the box with the exact amount you need.
  5. The recipe is simple & straightforward, just 6 easy steps so that literally anyone can make it.
  6. The Crate is perfect for an anytime dessert, sending as a gift to your favorite baker, or having one on hand in the pantry ready for when you’re entertaining.

Salty Date Caramel Scotcheroos ~ Cake in a Crate!

What do they taste like? Pure decadence. But really, the best description would be if you were to cross a gooey Rice Krispie treat with a peanut butter cup, and added a bit of sea salt to the dark chocolate coating to seal the deal. These peanut buttery squares of heaven are comprised of puffed brown rice cereal, flaked almonds, and quinoa, bound together with brown rice syrup, maple syrup, natural peanut butter, and pureed dates to mimic that magical gooey texture of the original recipe, with a wonderful caramel flavor. Topped with melted dark chocolate and a dusting of flaky salt, it’s a match made in heaven.

I can’t wait for you to take your first bite, and welcome a delicious slice of the Midwest into your kitchen.

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