Roasted Citrus Bowls with Honey Mascarpone Cream

Last updated: December 3, 2021
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These roasted citrus bowls are a combination of winter fruits, caramelized by the oven, and creamy mascarpone cheese with honey.

Roasted Citrus Bowls with Honey Mascarpone Cream {heartbeet kitchen blog}

In a very digital world, our first impressions of people typically come from email or social media interactions instead of face to face. Even though these circumstances are different, I really feel you can read personalities and demeanor the same way.

When you stumble upon a genuine person, you know it immediately, like my kind, wicked smart, and beautiful friend Sarah of Snixy Kitchen. We met through blogging last year she solved a tech problem that was giving me fits, and soon after I got lost in her blog – beautiful story-telling and photography that will make your mouth water. Later we bonded over cats and good food, and soon a friendship formed. To bring things to life, I flew out to California to visit, just knowing it would feel like we’d been friends for years. And it did. We had the best time together, shooting recipes, going to the Cat Cafe, cooking dinner at Alanna’s house, and scouring the city for food props.

Just as I knew Sarah would be a friend I could count on no matter the number of miles between us, I know that she is going to be the most amazing mother to her #cheesebabygirl due in just a few weeks – which is why a group of blogger friends are throwing her a surprise virtual baby shower today

cutting grapefruit and oranges into segments on a wooden cutting boardRoasted Citrus Bowl with Honey Mascarpone {gluten-free}

Sarah is known for her love of cheese and has had a fierce craving while pregnant, so much so that she’s been referring to her bun in the oven as #cheesebabygirl. She loves sweets too, (must make her bacon fat gingersnaps), so with those things in mind, we all came up with a delicious dish to share.

These Roasted Citrus Bowls were inspired by all the pretties that are in season, with vibrant colors and juicy tartness, a refreshing palate awakener in the doldrums of winter.

My first thought was to cut the grapefruit in half and brûlée (another word for broiling) it like this, then top it with honey swirled mascarpone cream. But when I want to eat my dessert, I want those citrus segments to be at the ready instead of having to dig out each piece and fight with the membrane.

This quick roasting method is quite simple. You’ll still get lovely caramelization, by segmenting the grapefruit and oranges (here’s a tutorial in case it’s your first time), and the heat brings out their natural sweetness. Meanwhile you’ll stir the honey and a bit of crushed cardamom into the mascarpone, and when the citrus is done, you’re ready to build these beautiful bowls. You can even make homemade mascarpone cheese if you want!

Honey Cardamom Mascarpone CreamRoasted Citrus Bowl with Pistachios & Honey Mascarpone

There’s a lot of delight in the luscious pile of fruit atop that creamy cradle, infused with the soft notes of cardamom and honey.

Think of the mascarpone as a richer, decadent greek yogurt – a lightly sweet italian cheese that I realized I should be eating more often. I topped the bowls with crushed pistachios for a little crunch, but any nut would do.

This is one of those desserts (or brunch treats) that is so effortlessly elegant, especially when entertaining because everything can be made two days ahead, then assemble as needed.

Roasted Citrus Bowl with Honey Mascarpone {heartbeet kitchen blog}Roasted Citrus Bowl with Honey Mascarpone {heartbeet kitchen blog}

If you make these Roasted Citrus Bowls, be sure to tag me on instagram with hashtag #heartbeetkitchen or @heartbeetkitchen!

Roasted Citrus Bowls with Honey Mascarpone

Breakfast bowls or a dessert can be made with roasted citrus and mascarpone cheese.
5 from 2 votes
Prep Time :10 minutes
Cook Time :7 minutes
Total Time :17 minutes
Yield: 4 servings
Author: Amanda Paa



  • 2 medium grapefruit segmented
  • 2 medium oranges segmented
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 6 ounces mascarpone cheese
  • 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon ground cardamom
  • honey to taste
  • crushed pistachios for garnish


  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Toss the citrus segments with olive oil and salt, then lay on a parchment covered baking sheet and roast for 5 minutes, then broil for 2 minutes.
  • Meanwhile, stir together mascarpone, cardamom, and as much honey as you'd like depending how sweet you like things. Start out with 1 tablespoon and go from there.
  • Remove citrus from oven, let cool for 5 minutes, then divide between four bowls with the mascarpone. Top with crushed pistachios.


You can roast the fruit two days ahead of time, as well as the mascarpone. Just keep them separate, then assemble when ready to serve.

Roasted Citrus Bowl with Honey Mascarpone {heartbeet kitchen blog}Roasted Citrus Bowl with Honey Mascarpone {heartbeet kitchen blog}

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  1. I need to try roasting citrus! How have I never done this before?! And I can just imagine how it pairs with that creamy mascarpone with the hint of cardamom. :) Such a beautiful way to make the most of what’s in season! I loved reading about how you formed your friendship through your blogs. It’s something I just started to realize is possible and am feeling so blessed by all of the great inspirations and encouragers out there. You are one of them!

  2. Grrrrrrlll! These bowls are too stunning, and all of those flavors together sound sublime. I’m so glad we got to meet last year; hopefully again soon! Thanks a million for bringing these gorgeous bowls to the party. <3

    • you are the sweetest. that means SO much to me Renee. you have been an inspiration since the day i spotted one of your pictures more than a year ago. — now maybe these can be the dessert to those zucchini parm noodles you made?!

  3. Oh dear – I cannot get over how elegantly STUNNING these photos are Amanda. You’ve outdone yourself with these bowls of goodness. Thank you for this delicious recipe and your loving words – I feel so lucky to call you my (real life!) friend – solidified by your trip to California (where you were so utterly patient with me as I finished up my dissertation – woooeee!). I look forward to another Amanda visit (one that includes delicious eats and cat snuggles). xoxo!

    • They’re all true words my friend! So excited for what’s to come for you. And yes, a visit out there is sure to be needed. I must squeeze those #cheesebabygirl cheeks!

  4. Such a beautiful post, Amanda!! I’ve only ever roasted citrus for cocktails, but this looks much tastier (and healthier). I’m so glad I got to meet you when you were outhere in Cali!! Thanks for making this an extra special #cheesebabyshower!! xo

  5. I am absolutely in love with everything about this post! Such a sweet tribute to Sarah, and you have outdone yourself with that recipe…I have a real hankering for citrus + mascarpone now! Beautiful use of cardamom too. xoxo

  6. This combination sounds so perfectly simple but mouthwatering, I just love cardamom always and I can’t wait to roast some citrus when I get home tonight. I’m so happy we could come together for this virtual shower today, it is so lovely to see everyone’s posts!

  7. amanda, you are so clever! i love broiled grapefruit and i always forget how annoying the membrane is until i’m trying to dig all that succulent flesh out. i looove the idea of a bowl. you are the absolute sweetest and i loved this post. xo

    • hi jaime! ugh, isn’t it irritating to try and dig the grapefruit out? this was my solution, and I have to say, it let me get down to dessert a little faster. :) love ya!

    • We are bringing the citrus/mascarpone combo to the party, twinsies! Your pavlova is stunning girl. These airy clouds of goodness, could there be anything better in the dead of winter? xo

  8. So sweet how you two met and the friendship that you two now share. She’s going to love this!! This recipe, Amanda, is so luscious, creamy and rich in texture and flavor. I can imagine tasting it and OMGeee!! So, incredibly luxurious and gorgeously photographed! xo

  9. Well isn’t this just gorgeous! Such a simple recipe that allows the ingredients to really shine. I love that. So happy we can all get together to celebrate Sarah today. She is such a gem! Cheers, friend!