The Friday Five: Summer Lovin’ Kombucha Cocktail

By Amanda Paa – Updated May 28, 2016

Summer Lovin' Kombucha Cocktail {with white peaches}

If you’ve ever searched for beverages or drinks on this site, you’ve probably noticed it’s a bit scarce in that department. The truth is I rely on three staples to get me through morning, noon, and night —> coffee, sparkling water, and white wine. I’ll deviate from that lineup when I’m at Tattersall Distillery having some of the best cocktails on the planet, or my grocery store $$ splurge on a bottle of kombucha – my reward for making it through another shopping trip, similar to getting to pick out a candy bar at the checkout aisle when I was young.

It’s pretty commonplace now to see fermented beverages (the booch, shrubs, switchel) on shelves or menus, the health benefits forging a strong relationship with trendy – neither of which I’m sad about. I like their subtle, fruity tartness and slightly effervescent character, which my body craves.

Kombucha has always been quite a mystery to me, that strange scooby thing, growing like an alien amongst a tea mixture, and somehow turning into an energizing elixir. I tried making it once with the help of a book, but there were just too many unfamiliar variables that had me questioning what the heck I was doing. I learn better from having someone teach me in person, so when I saw “Kombucha class & cocktail workshop” on the agenda for the Eat Sea Retreat I was attending at Terranea Resort (thanks to Amelia for organizing!), curious excitement flowed through me. And then when I saw my own brewing vessel with Heartbeet Kitchen written on it, I shrieked like a little girl who gets her own personalized scooter.

Brewing Kombucha {gallon vessel}Summer Lovin' Kombucha Cocktail {with white peaches}

Daina of Health-Ade taught us the way, sharing her amazing story of how she started her company, one of the only kombucha brewers out there producing on a large scale strictly with glass vessels, and not adding probiotics – ensuring all natural fermentation. Just like any industry or consumable product, you’d be surprised to know what some companies do to meet demand and cut costs, and their quality standards. Her flavor combinations are incredible, the Maca Berry and Pink Lady Apple tasting so good they’re still a reward at the grocery store even though I’ve got my own little kombucha lab bubbling away at home.

So as girls do, we ended the workshop with cocktails, using Pomegranate kombucha, passionfruit bitters, gin, and fresh sage. Equal parts fizzy, herbal, fruity, and refreshing, I wouldn’t have minded a second.

I’ve been playing with different cocktail combinations since I left, revolving around the white peach kombucha I brewed myself in my personalized jug. (I’ll leave the step-by-step instructions to the experts since I’m still dabbling, but just a side note that the flavor of your kombucha comes from a shorter, secondary fermentation, which also gives it the extra fizz.)

This is the type of cocktail that really doesn’t have rules. You can make it for two or twenty, serve it in fancy cocktail glasses or mason jars – even a punch bowl. And best of all it fits right into the Friday Five: just five ingredients. I’m calling it the summer of the kombucha cocktail. Cheers!

BASIC EQUATION = kombucha flavor you like + whatever type of bitters you have on hand + vodka or gin + sparkling water + fresh herbs.

Summer Lovin' Kombucha Cocktail {with white peaches}Summer Lovin' Kombucha Cocktail {with white peaches}

As I mentioned, all of my inspiration for this cocktail came from my time spent at Terranea Resort with 8 other lovely, talented ladies in food blogging. We spent time sharing valuable information, learning from each other, and enjoying the intense beauty of California. My heart is always here in Minnesota, but there’s some about the air, the waves, the sun that’s magically different. A huge thanks to the sponsors that helped make it possible and support our creative passions – Earthbound Farm, Organic Valley, Healthade, and Terranea Resort.

Summer Lovin’ Kombucha Cocktail
Author: Amanda Paa
Prep time:
Cook time:
Total time:
Serves: 1
This recipe is highly versatile. I like it with both vodka and gin, and typically lean towards fruity bitters.
  • 3 ounces peach kombucha, or any fruity flavor (pomegranate, berry, etc)
  • 2 ounces vodka
  • 2 sleeves passion fruit bitters (or any fruity flavor)
  • sparkling water
  • fresh basil, slapped in your hand
  1. Pour kombucha and vodka over ice, stir to combine. Stir in bitters and top with sparkling water. Smack the fresh basil in your hand, then rub around rim and set inside to garnish.

Summer Lovin' Kombucha Cocktail Eat Sea Retreat - Terranea Resort

The girls! Left to right, Megan from Country Cleaver, Melissa from The Faux Martha, Sonja from A Couple Cooks, Amelia from Eating Made Easy, Ashley from Edible Perspective, Me :), Lauren from Climbing Grier Mountain, and Erin from Her Heartland Soul. xoxo

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May 27, 2016


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  1. Anna C.

    Saw this recipe on a post at eating made easy and I just popped by to say the your photos of this drink really grabbed me. So beautiful!

  2. renee (will frolic for food)

    wow this just sounds (and looks) incredible! i’m not huge into booze these days but i could def get down with this on a hot summer eve <3

    • amandapaa

      hey girl! it could easily be a mocktail too – maybe just add a little ginger simple syrup? i’m into that idea…

  3. Sherrie

    When I used to brew kombucha at home, my scoby grew to a foot wide and 6 inches deep. It was a little bit OOC. This peach kombucha sounds heavenly, and your snaps and pics on Insta of this trip were DREAM-CITY!

    • amandapaa

      Sherrie, that is crazy! Sounds like the best kind of monster. :) I want to go back to Terranea, asap.

  4. Tessa | Salted Plains

    I am totally behind the summer of the kombucha cocktail! The workshop sounds so cool and so very helpful. I’ve thought numerous times about making my own, but as you said, so many variables to think about! This is so pretty – also, I’m eyeing those glasses. ;) xo.

  5. Christine

    That workshop sounds like so much fun! Fermenting is still so intimidating for me, every time, and kombucha feels out of my league but I often treat myself to a bottle at the health food shop. I LOVE this cocktail, it looks so pretty, fresh and celebratory!

  6. jaime / the briny

    LOVE. i’m not sad about seeing kombucha everywhere, either. ;) i love that you got your own little brewing vessel! i would have squealed, too. and this cocktail? perfect. i want to try ginger booch + gin. ahhh!