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Travel Scenes: A to Z Pizza Farm in Stockholm, Wisconsin
June 15, 2012 in Restaurant · Travel · 10 Comments

On Tuesday evening I had one of the most humbling, grounding experiences I will remember forever. Around 5:00 Brian and I hopped in the car to make the drive down River Road to Stockholm, Wisconsin whose population sign reads 66 as you approach. We turned onto County Road J and wound our way through the fields to the gravel road that would lead us to the iconic A to Z Pizza Farm.

My first breath of fresh country air was like a drug….I felt my worries, my stress, my judgements leave me and relaxation flow through my blood. It’s no wonder why people drive a hundred miles to get here. The sounds of horse hooves hitting the ground, a girl playing the fiddle, birds chirping, and laughter among friends rang in my ears. We found Jen and Sawyer admiring the beautiful stallions while Scott was finding a spot for us to occupy amongst the many blankets and tables covering the area. Here is a glimpse of the night that doesn’t need many words to explain.

It was a time to nourish our bodies and our souls……..

It was a time to appreciate the work of people who follow their hearts, who embrace community, to provide for us not because they have to but because they live to…………..

It was a time to be with friends who I am so fortunate to have had come into my life just one year ago…..

It was a time to enjoy a perfectly chilled Austrian rose’………………

It was a time to make a “Wine Treehouse” in the notch of the building built just like a treehouse, with no screws or bolts – just wood and manpower………

It was a time to listen to others make music while sipping boxed wine and put thoughts of the 1960’s when peace and love were the hippie anthem…….

It was a time to enjoy the woodfired pizza covered in fresh vegetables that grow from the beautiful earth we call home………

It was a time to, as Crosby, Stills, and Nash once sang “love the one you’re with“……….

Slow down. Live. Breathe. Just Be.

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10 thoughts on “Travel Scenes: A to Z Pizza Farm in Stockholm, Wisconsin

  1. Kate

    I went to this place in 2008, again in 2009 and it hasn’t changed a bit. So glad you got to experience it.

    My only thought was…. why didn’t you invite me? ;-)

    1. amandapaa Post author

      I am so glad we made the trip too. Let’s get one on the calendar for all of us girls with advanced planning – I think it would make a great girls night!!

  2. Lynne

    Breathtaking. Keith still isn’t sold on the idea of the pizza farm. I’m sending him this post and he won’t be able to resist!!!


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